[AMD 7840U] Max amount of RAM?

Just got this laptop recently and am using it with the 2x16GB kit by Crucial, but I’m wondering: could I go all the way up to the 256GB max supported by the CPU, or is there some other limit (e.g. motherboard?) that kicks in before that?


The max amount is biggest unbuffered DDR5 sodimm you can get x2.

Ok so if I understand well the limit is currently set by the density of storage on a single SODIMM DDR5 module. The DDR5 spec seems to allow for up to 128GB per module, but I haven’t found any single module going that high.

This is all just for fun, I’m just fine with my current kit LOL

Pretty much yeah, the density of unbuffered sodimms to be exact.

According to jdec that i supposed to be the max for a single unbuffered dimm, currently the biggest ones I know of are the 48gb crucial ones so there is sill a lot of potential upwards.

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Yeah I saw the Crucial 2x48 kit and I was in awe.
But on amazon Italy (and pretty much all of AMZ Europe, TBH) they are outrageously expensive (north of 400€).
While in the US they’re around 300 bucks :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Getting the biggest available stuff does come at a premium also the price difference is probably mostly taxes.

if you don’t need the absolute biggest, there are a lot of 2x32 kits that are quite a lot cheaper, especially on a per GB basis.

i have that same kit and the ram sticks get so hot that it cuts half the bandwidth every time i put any heavy load on it, i had to use thermal pads and stuff to keep them somewhat stable but they still get like 70 ish C which is stupid cause ive never heard of ram ever getting this hot. im unsure if everyone else has this issue with their 7840u model.