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Yes, this is true. However as someone with only Apple devices it is not as easy to format the USB drive & load Windows. I would’ve been more than happy to have paid the cost directly to Framework for a preloaded USB drive to be included in my shipment. (That’s actually what I thought I was getting. The misunderstanding is my bad)

Do you live in the US?

Yes. My son could theoretically help me if needed but he lives some distance away so this is all delaying my ability to get my laptop fully set up, configured & ready to use.

It should be noted that I’m not claiming it’s impossible just a slight annoyance due to the delay in getting everything lined up so the FW can be put into service

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If you are willing to PM me your address (and wait a few more days), I could ship you a Windows install USB. Just a thought if you don’t have a faster option.

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You are very kind & I appreciate you <3. But my son is only an hour away so it would still be faster to have him help me.

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Should I be posting these inquiries in another thread? I don’t want to spam this one if I should be posting somewhere else.

Update: I’ve started a new thread here: Windows install via USB-C flash

Just a quick note to say that updating the BIOS to 3.03 (beta) (required for modern Linux kernels) was a faff. I had to try a different USB-PD charger before it worked (via fwupdmgr) : AMD Ryzen 7040 Series BIOS 3.03 and Driver Bundle Beta - #170 by tom_chiverton

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The speakers sound even worse than I anticipated. Would the 80dB speakers be an upgrade for AMD systems?

(Edit: I’ll also have to play with EQ settings in the Realtek app I guess too.)

Framework claim the 80dB speakers are louder, but with an otherwise similar sound.

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Is this compared to a Intel Framework? Since the AMD boards use a different codec chip than the Intel ones and I’ve noticed that the speakers sound a lot better and louder having upgraded from a i5 1240p. You could upgrade to the 80dB speakers but I think it’s not worth it because A) Framework would have tuned the sound with the original speakers in mind and B) the 80 dB speakers are louder but they sacrifice some fidelity in exchange.

No, compared to other devices, including an older Samsung laptop (~8th gen Intel) and a Surface Pro X and its front-firing speakers.

I did try turning on “omni speaker” in the Realtek console and that surprisingly helped a little. Mostly though it just feels like the speakers are resonating with the case and causing a ton of distortion.

Perhaps it’s due to resonation but I also think because it’s down firing, it is affected by the surface you put it on.

They’re so much louder and better sound quality that my old T480s ThinkPad… but maybe that’s not saying much as they were so bad.

I got one


I would have liked one of those as an option on the FW16. orange and lavender don’t do it for me. :rage:

The colors on the FW 13 did not appeal to me also and originally chose orange. I really like the green much better. Yes I agree for the FW 16, orange and lavender is really lacking.

I cant believe its still stuck in Canadian customs, I hope the import paperwork isn’t screwed up or something.

It went from a red indicator to a yellow delay one, is ti right to think it means it’s done with customs but fedex hasn’t picked it back up yet?

I am in the same boat, but I have hope. Looking at the bottom of the FedEx tracking page I saw :
Clearance Delay
Held, cleared regulatory agency(s) after aircraft/ truck departed.
Hopefully it will arrive in Montreal area this week.

@ Gabwey:

Yep same situation for me. I had Clearance Delay on Thursday and it reiterated the same message again today:

Monday, 2023-10-30
1:12 PM.
Clearance Delay
Held, cleared regulatory agency(s) after aircraft/ truck departed.

All we can do is wait :frowning: