AMD Batch 2 Guild

Thought I might as well start this thread. Lets GOOOO! I am upgrading from the 11th gen 1135g7 mainboard to Ryzen. Looking foreward to a SIZABLE performance and battery improvement. AMD for the win!


Ordered as well. I’m upgrading from a second hand Dell XPS 9560 which is an early 2017 model laptop. Can’t wait to get my hands on the framework, my partner has an 11th gen intel and it is quite nice.

Gave away old handmedown gaming laptop last year cause it was just to big and heavy to use comfortably for programming, really hyped for framework gonna be really nice to have a proper portable!

If a company ticks off like 3 quarters of my wishlist at once it would be kinda rude not to order one. Only reason I am batch 2 is because I had to get over myself with my hate for preordering XD.


What’s the delivery date on Batch 2?


There is not even a delivery date on Batch 1 yet.

They don’t communicate anything on the ryzen status for over a month…

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This is how they operate; never promise what is not already ready to deliver, that’s how theyve managed so far as such a small company.
We’ll probably get a blog post about them shipping batch1 the day they ship it

When I ordered, it said “Late Q3 2023” on the order, so I’m guessing September or even October. Also I guess PSA to anyone who ordered one of these in anticipation of the school year, you likely won’t get it before school starts, but you’ll probably have it in-hand before midterm season gets into full swing.

Mine still says “Late Q3” which means end of next month (September) as far as I’m concerned.

After today’s update, what do people reckon? October?

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Late Q3 == early Q4
Best to think like this. If you get it early, then you’ll be more than happy :smiley:


I think I will just go with Intel simply because AMD is training people to live in a planned economy with endless pre-order queues just to keep its prices up(officially acknowledged by them as a practice).

Yea, these AMD queues are awful :roll_eyes: /s


Did some posts disappear? :thinking:

Do you have a source for this, particularly where they acknowledged this is their practice and intention? I’d be interested to take a look.

Just FYI, from PC World:

Update: Drew Prairie, AMD’s VP of communications, reached out with the following clarification: “We are shipping below consumption because there is too much inventory in the channel and that partners want to carry lower levels of inventory based on the demand they are seeing and their expectations for their business…the idea we are doing this to keep prices “elevated” isn’t accurate. Our client ASP was flat year over year, and that is due to mix of CPUs shipped.”

This article originally published with the headline “AMD is ‘undershipping’ chips to keep CPU, GPU prices elevated” but it has been updated to reflect AMD’s clarification.

The full quote PC World gave was, “We have been undershipping the sell-through or consumption for the last two quarters…We undershipped in Q3, we undershipped in Q4. We will undership, to a lesser extent, in Q1.” It looks like some sites ran with the speculation that this was done to intentionally keep prices high. The site you linked only gave the “Undershipped” word from the quote and straight up said it was diabolical of AMD to do this. Maybe there is still something to it, but AMD denies it and their explanation in full context seems plausible.


Either way pre-orders are the standard for 2 years now so the results speak for themselves.

Yeah, I tend not to pre-order anything. The Framework laptops are an exception because I want to support the company and the mission of repairability/sustainability, and I understand that a pre-order system for new laptops helps them get started.

But in general, for games, hardware, phones, cars, whatever, I just don’t pre-order stuff. I suppose as long as people continue to sell out pre-orders for things, companies will continue to offer pre-orders. I haven’t specifically noticed AMD being one to push pre-orders, but maybe it’s just because I tend to ignore pre-orders in general.