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I was too impatient with my earlier posting: just got charged and received the “payment complete” email! (Delivery to the US)

just got charged. eastern us, order date july 28. stoked!

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I just got charged. Can’t wait!

Country: USA
Pre-Order date: 2023-08-04T05:00:00Z
Specs: Ryzen 7 7840U DIY, no RAM, no SSD

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Charged! :slight_smile:

Mid US, order date Aug 5

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Got Charged!

USA Midwest
Ordered July 26th
7640 Mobo and wifi only

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I got my shipping confirmation yesterday, maybe 17 hours after payment received.
Expected arrival early next week!


With the shipping of my laptop to Germany I learnt something about package routing. This is not only a tcp/ip thing! :joy:


6 flights!!! Within less than 48 hours. FedEx is insane. First I thought about the carbon footprint of this madness but the longer I think about it, they will very well optimize for full flights and less flights as a company because of costs.

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Same Route here. Crazy that it’s already in Germany.

What’s your ETA?

Friday afternoon. Do not believe it. This thing is here tomorrow.

Oh man, I’m so jealous of you all…
I’m one of the first people to get charged this week and my payment gets stuck in review, then I haven’t even got a shipping email :upside_down_face:

Before you know it you’ll get one too, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I’m expecting now, too.
Already asked around the house if someone’s home tomorrow.

Yes, FedEx is insane, and I’m less optimistic that they actually have the logistics optimized. I have had many packages shipped via “Smart Post” in the U.S. where FedEx does the long haul then hands it off to the post office where my packages have literally traveled almost 3x the distance of a direct route, and have traveled in a spiral around my location. These packages traveled more than 2200 miles, but started about 800 miles away from me.

so exited i just got my email saying that my card was charged and that i will get my tracking number in the next copal of days. i am going to use mine for school and i cant wait to show my friends (i am in high school in Australia).



Hi to you all! Usually how long does it take between when you get charged and the shipment?

For me it has been 24+ hours… is it normal?

Just wanted to document this:

I ordered on Aug. 8.
7840U - No RAM - No SSD
shipping to Germany

Received the preparing batch email on
Nov. 2nd

Received the Payment complete Mail on
Nov. 14.

Payment showed up tonight (Nov. 16.) on my credit card

Still no shipping Mail

I am also worried. It’s 48hrs for me now…
Maybe they test the input covers now before shipment :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. I have the impression this last set of payment charges was quite large, so maybe there is a bigger batch of laptops to prepare for shipment.

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@Basti0711 arrived at 9:30, a day earlier

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I emailed support.
Normally orders ship within a few hours of the payment being collected.
At least, that’s the feeling I get when reading the forums.