AMD Batch 5 Guild

Ordered Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series) batch 5 couple of days ago.
Its slated for Q4.
Wondering what is the latest delivery people have gotten in Q4.
Earliest could be October I believe…?


I’m so inpatient for my AMD Framework but I’m also super glad I’m batch 5 cause by the time mine arrives, There should be plenty of DIY Testing done by users to know which ram to get.


@Romero I feel the same. By the time I get mine, people will have curated a list of what works and what not… I mean at least that’s one way to calm my impatience…

has anyone in batch 5 gotten emails like the ones in batch 1? like regarding USB issues, etc. i haven’t, and i just want to confirm that my email is working :slight_smile:

I haven’t either.

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@Romero I haven’t seen reviews of it with the amd chipset yet, but I’m planning on getting “Mushkin Enhanced Redline 64GB (2 x 32GB) 262-Pin DDR5 SO-DIMM DDR5 5600” for my build. I’ve been running mushkin redline in my desktop for about a year and it’s been great so far. Currently this kit is 8% off on newegg, so I might pull the trigger on it unless you’ve red reviews for a better kit?

I’ve been watching the Batch 1 Guild thread and noting the ram that people are using there. So far there is a kingston Ram that people are using that works and a Crucial Ram Kit as well. I’ll probably stick with a crucial. I’ve been using them for years in my desktops.

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Hi guys, I have ordered a full FW13 with an R7 7840u :tada:

So… since I am a bit ashamed of my behavior, I must ask: am I the only one constantly checking reddit and this forum for updates on EVERYTHING???


I too am constantly refreshing the batch 1 thread, mostly so I can get a better idea of what RAM to buy cause that’s the big question for me right now.
I’m also keeping an eye on the Batch 2 thread to see when they start getting laptops so I can better guess on when I get mine.


Does anyone know how long the gaps in shipping are between each batch historically, or is the information I’m looking for just unreliable?

I think that would be unreliable at this point. The last time they had batches may have been when the very first framework was released and that would be a different time. Although after the 2nd and third batches start shipping we could probably have some idea of the timing for 5th

I’m like 90% sure they did have batches for 12th gen. Someone had created a spreadsheet where people could record their order date, batch number, shipping progress, etc. Would be great to have something like that again - we just need a volunteer :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea was killed by FW in another thread because they said their shipping process doesn’t necessarily match an order number or a batch number which “just leads to frustration and unnecessary contacts into Framework Support”.

I do know that a company can save on shipment costs if they send out orders that are supposed to go to the same end geographical area.
So if they are shipping from Taiwan they may gather all the orders for people in say the New England area in Batch 1 and group them together and send them out. So someone who placed their order near the end of batch 1 may get their item earlier than another person in Batch 1 who is in a different geographic area with less people.

This is probably why the spreadsheet is not recommended because there is a chance that in areas with low orders, they may end up grouping people from batch 1 and batch 2 together.

If Framework had money to burn they could do a simple FIFO ordering method but they have to be a bit more deliberate.

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As an early adopter, I ordered 11th Gen, Batch 1.

The shipments from Taiwan to the New Jersey distribution center were further segmented into orders with common configurations, and who knows what other criteria.

There is no way to predict where you will fall in this randomized queue.

Recommend you sit back, relax and enjoy the anticipation.
Skim the forums watching for people that have similar configurations and see if there may be any little tweaks to apply.

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Yeah I’m a batch 3 11th gen here. Pressing F5 every 2 minutes didn’t make it come faster. Although, with batch 1 shipping I’m getting pretty hyped. Got ram ordered and a project lined up for this 11th gen. Now time to patiently wait…

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waves to batch 5 chums

DIY 7840U

Board only
R5 7640U
No updates yet
What SoDIMMS are y’all getting?

I got this one from Kingston: SO-DIMM 32 GB DDR5-5600 (2x 16 GB) KF556S40IBK2-32

Almost the same price as the slightly slower Crucial Kit, so I went for that.

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I got this set as well.

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