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I was just charged! Italy, ordered August 16th

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Same here,for Italy

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Good to know that they moved pass US finally :wink:

Just charged, Belgium :slight_smile:

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Same goes for Germany. Charged one hour ago, ordered August 23rd…

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DIY 7840 with charger, no RAM, no SSD.
Ordered Sep. 12th, Spain.

Update edit.

Shipped today (Nov. 21th) ETA Nov. 27th.

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I was just charged, ordered the 17th of august.
The payment failed, I had to re-enter my credit card. It seems a common occurrence for french buyers.

Got charged, bank rejected card payment for mysterious reasons. Sigh… looks like I’ll be calling the bank tomorrow. (Belgium)



Got mine today and all set up with Windows 11. So far, working great.

Ordered Aug. 25th
Charged Nov. 16th
Shipped Nov. 17th
Received Nov. 20th.

US - Midwest

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I was charged few hours ago.
DIY 7640U with charger, RAM and SSD 10th of September.
I am so exited! I am looking forward to working on my new computer.

Posting this in the hope for a “never mind, I’ve been charged now” edit.

DYI AMD Ryzen 7040 with DDR5-5600 - 32GB

Ordered Sep 9th

Planning on running Linux (Kubuntu most likely) and Windows as qemu guest. This machine should be plenty capable for that.


Edit 22-Nov
never mind, I’ve been charged now

Got charged early this morning!

Ryzen 5
No ram
No ssd
No charger

Italy, ordered on the 15th of August

And it just got shipped! :top:

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From Italy, charged today… and shipped! ETA for delivery 24/11 :crossed_fingers:

Charged yesterday
Shipped today


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Are you in Northen Italy?

Italy, charged yesterday, order shipped now.
So happy!

Not a single confirmation of the order sent to the UK. Bloody Brexit!

Yes, FVG