AMD Batch 6 Guild

Hey there,

I am thinking about ordering a Framework 13 AMD laptop. However, before I order I want to know when exactly I can expect it to be shipped (it says Q4, which assuming Q4 2023 is meant is a range from October 1st to December 31st).

Is it reasonable to assume receiving it somewhere in October (am based in Germany)? Because that’s when university starts so it would be really great to have it then.

Thanks for the help!


At this time, nobody (including Framework) can offer any more specific information than the Q4 estimate shown on the order page. Framework will send you an email with a more specific timeframe closer to the time of shipping.

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I don’t think they will get to Batch 6 in October. Production for Batch 1 is supposed to start in mid-September.

Uhh thats sad to hear. Still thanks for the help guys!

Now the batch 1 shipping is in progress, so we wait for our turn :slight_smile:

It seems that there is no “AMD Batch 6 Guild” thread like other “AMD Batch N Guild” threads right now. If someone wants “AMD Batch 6 Guild” thread, they can create the new thread, or rename this thread title to “AMD Batch 6 Guild”.

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Now I renamed the thread title to “AMD Batch 6 Guild”.

Batch 5 started to receive their emails guys…


Can’t wait!!!

I mean. I will wait. But you know.

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They ship so much faster than I ever thought possible. Christmas is going to be early this year!

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I’m batch 7 and eager for news. Have any of you guys started getting emails yet?

Not yet, but Batch 5 only just started getting theirs, so probably a week or two until we get ours…

3 Likes is definitely processing much faster through current batches than they did through the first batches of 11th Gen Intel machines.

Better systems, better relationships with suppliers, still the same delivery concerns, once shipped.

For those with FedEx delivery, if you don’t have an account, set one up. If your delivery location isn’t secure, or you may not be there, recommend you redirect your delivery to a local drop point. In my area, Walgreens does this, but the FedEx app will give you a list of places.

Best wishes to all of you

The anticipation waiting for the emails has me consistently checking the previous batches for any updates. Super excited, decided to go with a SK Hynix P41 for storage and I’m currently looking for ram, does anyone have any recommendations?


Not based on personal experience, but I am planning to get the Kingston Fury Impact kit (KF556S40IBK2-64) mentioned here.

If you are in the US, Newegg seems to have a better price for it than Amazon, at the moment.

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My order in batch 4 is currently shipped.


Word, I’m curious if the different rams are compatible/ will validate. Pretty much the only thing holding me back from removing the ram from my order

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Just got this email!


The end days of waiting are near


I got the email as well