AMD Batch 6 Guild

Oof, that’s why you are getting it 5 days before me :melting_face:


UK Just charged
Ordered 31st August
Ryzen 5
No Ram

Just got charged. I think this is first confirmed UK order from batch 6.
Ordered on August 18

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on the move again yay



Just shipped, expected Monday 27th

Preparing batch Email 8th November
Charged 21st
Shipped 22nd

Anyone in Italy still yet to receive shipping confirmation after getting the payment email?

Same for me.
Ordered on the 18/08
Preparing batch email 08/11
Charged 21/11
Shipped 22/11
ETA 27/11

Shipping confirmation for DIY to Australia. Eta Tue 28th

For me, in Belgium, the same. I paid on Monday the 20th and it’s not shipped yet. Probably still need to be patient for a few more days? Hopefully it will arrive next week :slight_smile:


And here I got excited seeing the notification thinking it was the shipping notification :sweat_smile:

Got shipping email, delivery on Tue🥳

Arrived! NOW! :tada:

North Italy


Check it out, my order (final destination Belgium) went from China to France and allegedly back to China again :grin: I imagine this is probably a bug in the tracking system. Was quite a surprise to see! Fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow.

I think it is sorting those events by the local date and time of occurrence, and therefore parcel is travelling in time :upside_down_face:

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Arrived this morning in Germany at my front door. Everything is fine, the Framework laptop is awesome!! Assembled everything, installed Windows on it, installed the driver bundle, the AMD additional drivers and everything runs smooth as hell! I really like the quality of the laptop itself, it’s a really damn good looking laptop.

This evening, I will install some games, do some testing with VR and install all the applications I need. :grinning: :+1:

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I hope that you are right with your assumption. Mine travelled the same from China to Germany to France and back to Germany afterwards. It took that extra route to France because there is some EU wide customs stuff where international package has to be imported into EU. At least at my knowledge.
Hopefully your package wasn’t rejected or something and it’s really just a weird ordering in your tracking status. :crossed_fingers:

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@dumpsterqueen I see the very same path you see. Let’s hope it is just a bug

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A lot of what you’re seeing here is electronic clearance for customs and importation purposes. It isn’t actually going back and forth between continents, it’s just that the import has been processed and clearance has been granted elsewhere before the shipment physically arrives.


Ahh, that makes sense, thank you for explaining :slight_smile: I wasn’t panicking or anything, more just amused that my package seems to be zapping back and forth across continents. Framework laptops really are fast!


Thank you @Fraoch !

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