AMD Batches

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Wait, there’s a Batch 1 of the AMD systems? I ordered on the day it was announced and Batches 1-2 were Intel based and AMD started at Batch 3. My order still says “Batch 3”. Does this mean I am not getting my Framework 13 AMD laptop this year?

You’ll most likely get it this year. Even my Batch 7 says Q4. I wouldn’t be too worried.

Mine says Q3 which ended 3 days ago.

Well, snap, I expect they’ll update the order details as they get a firm BIOS date, per their email syncing batches 2+ to the newer BIOS

Pretty sure batch 1 also said Q3.

Sounds to me like the holdup was firmware which to me likely means they didn’t really have to stop production. Of course this is purely speculation.

If anyone’s getting pushed to Q1, it’s not likely going to be batch 3.

There were also electrical issues, look here.
Now the first reviews are out and seems like we are going to see some Frameworks shipped very soon! I am batch 6 so it’s going to take a little bit more for me :eyes:

Oh interesting! I think we’re all still good if this statement rings true though:

We have prepared substantial production capacity, so we don’t expect the late start to cascade into delays in later batches.

Needless to say, I’m very excited! :sweat_smile:

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Probably the batches that are suffering some delay are the first three. Honestly, I think even with some cascade delay, waiting is really worth it! I am super excited to finally own a Framework, I have been waiting until the first gen, but here in Italy wasn’t available until August this year