AMD changes to FOSS firmware

This is monumental.


This is a great step. But keep in mind you still have the PSP in there, which has access to all your memory and network.


At least the PSP code is not obfuscated or encrypted so much easier to audit compared to the me but yeah I’d prefere not to have it.

Pluton is a much more sinister thing that is still on there


One step further to a complete FOSS Framework

Don’t hold your breath. 2026 is a quite long wait (hoping there is no delay until then).


They roll out slowly, and its possible to adopt it pretty much today

“It has launched initial support for 4th Gen EPYC processors and its reference platform as a Proof-of-Concept (PoC).”

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If you paid attention at the end of the video, there is a call at companies to help them (AMD) to work on opencore integration. This has been discussed on the OpenCore topic and people from Framework replied to some concern but the OpenCore implementation is clearly not their next focus. Now the topic has been locked for some reasons…

So, I mean it. Don’t hold your breath.

Even if AMD manage to keep the timeline, nothing ensure that the “futur-old” phoenix will be supported either.


So long as the 16 inch Laptop really gets those ridiculous arrow keys, will I not be in the market for a framework anyway.

Still, I think this development is a huge step for the whole industry.

10 years back, you were happy if graphics ran at all on a Linux laptop.

You had issues with wlan modules, and even flash was still somewhat mandatory.

Now, we are talking about a fully free laptop with upgradable graphics as something realistic, I love that.

So … things are moving !
Here is the Phoronix article with some explanations about the content:

And the github if you prefer to get your hands dirty (or just take a look around):


Wonder if openSIL could aid in coreboot development