Announcing the Framework Marketplace

The Marketplace is now open in Europe, but the cost of delivery is outrageous. Any order is charged delivery at €30, even for small items.


You’re not kidding: two expansion cards: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Yeah, gonna wait this out for a bit :wink:


£24 for delivery??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I know things are a bit pricey right now but…seriously?

I guess the EU market place hasn’t opened and this stuff is being shipped from the US/Korea by vestal virgins on a re-furbed Concorde flight just specially?

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Shipping from Europe to the US is also outrageous.


This is absurd. There’s no way two hinges cost £24.00 to ship.


Definitely questionable.


Now that sales to the Uk are open I thought I would get a second USB-C card, the card is £9 but shipping at £24 its much to much total cost =£33 I will make my own.
The cost for Royal Mail international standard delivery is £1.8 (up to 2Kg) allow £2 for packing so max £4 p&p, where is the extra £20 coming from?


Same for France, 30€ shipping :exploding_head:. There is no way it is shipping from EU.


Hello all,

We just went live with our new blog post this morning here in the US. The Marketplace went live a little earlier than we had planned and our comms explaining the situation was delayed. For Europe, as with our laptops, we’re shipping Marketplace items directly from Taiwan as we’re still working on more localized options for warehousing and shipment of these parts for Europe. This was the only way we could open up these sales publicly for the time being.

Our apologies for Marketplace shipping prices, but given the cost of international logistics, this is where pricing landed.


Oof, understandable but high prices.
I really hope I ordered enough and the right items with my framework and local warehousing will happen.

We get it and we agree, freight prices suck. Incredibly, the true cost of shipping is actually higher than what we’re charging, and we’re eating some of the cost to make it somewhat less crazy.

There are two things that we are doing to improve this though:

  1. We’re working with our fulfillment partner to find alternate ship methods that could be lower cost, though at the tradeoff of potentially being a slower method.
  2. We’re investigating standing up a local fulfillment partner in Europe specifically for low cost items that are expensive to ship directly from Taiwan.

Thank you nrp for the open and honest explanation, this is how to build customer loyalty well done.


It does when they have to fly halfway around the world. Guess how much that cost to get to Trinidad and Tobago. Clue: Its more than 24 euros!



Then, if we really need to replace something: it would be worth it (broken screen) and for all other things: Wait until option 2 is realised.

#awesome thanks for keeping us posted!



How long will an EU customer typically wait before receiving the parts they order from the marketplace? I am asking because I have a broken screen and have placed my order for a replacement yesterday (so the shipping fee is expensive but acceptable to me). If I am going to wait a month like how I waited for the laptop itself in March, I will need to reorganize my work a bit. Thanks.

Update: I am impressed by the speed of treatment. I ordered on Monday morning, received an email today (Tuesday) in the morning saying that the items are shippers, and I just got an SMS from FedEx that the delivery is planned on Friday. I have expected a much much longer delay and now I feel the 30 euros shipping fee is kind of worth it.


I would imagine a direct email support request to Framework would not go amiss :slight_smile:


So interestingly enough, watching the LTT video on the new stuff announced:

, Linus mentions that a Used part selling/trading section is coming… Was this previously announced? I don’t remember this for some reason…


Nirav had mentioned it a while ago.


@Morpheus636 Thanks, I guess I missed it somehow…