Another SD Card Reader that can be made to work

So I couldn’t find anywhere to get the SD card reader that people had been modding so I looked around for other options. It looked like something quite widely available that may fit are the Apple SD adapter knockoffs. They have the connector on a cable so not quite as easy to adapt but looked possible.

I’m definately no electronics or design expert but I thought this might just be within my ability. I’m sure someone with more skill would have done a much better job however if you really want an SD expansion card this is possible!

I ordered this one but wired the USB cable wrong during that attempt and it died… It was then out of stock so I ordered this one as a replacement. This was an extremely similar design but actually had smaller components on the PCB (leaving more space for cable) and it was an ever so slightly different size. I think you could likely have success with any of these. Just note the PCBs are slightly different sizes so you may have to redo the case.

Basically with a spudger I opened it up at the front, cut the cable and pulled the PCB out. I opted to strip the casing and sheathing from the cable and re-use that. I soldered a shorter length of cable back onto the PCB. I took the expansion card STL file and modified it in Tinkercad to hold the PCB and designed a top cover with a protrusion to hold the USB C connector from sliding back. It all went together with a little bit of tape between the connector and the board to make sure nothing shorts.

Below are the results, I’m pretty happy with it. I think it’s likely much less robust than the other option but hopefully it’ll work for a while. If anyone else is desperate for an SD module then this can be an option!

Framwork SD Card Expansion Lid.stl (5.4 KB)
Framwork SD Card Expansion.stl (33.0 KB)


oooooo I love the pastel wire sheaths, this all looks amazing!


Amazing, thanks
Its also availabe on, if any german here is looking for it.

Have you considered uploading this to printables?
Then you could get something back, if anyone (for excample me) uses your design

I was holding off because I think this likely needs re-doing unless you get exactly the same reader I got. But if you do then I’ve now uploaded it here: Printables


I did get one of those you linked earlier, but it still didnt work, since my sd card slot was soldered on a little crooked. I will have to remodel it slightliy