DIY dual SD reader expansion card

This is my homemade dual SD and micro SD reader, it sucked to make and I did it mostly to prove it can be done. I make no attempts to say this was done well, it is pretty jank but it does work!

I used the housing for an audio expansion card that had been collecting dust (I would’ve liked to 3d print it but i don’t have one), I cut down a cheap USB SD card reader and through jank made it work. If/when I do this again but better I want to make some changes, firstly I mounted the PCB and readers permanently with super glue which is lame, I want to make it USB 3.0 but that will require me or someone to make a custom circuit board, if possible I’d also like the micro reader to one of the push in ones.
And lastly a look at the jank internalls for your viewing horror:


This is awesome! (Kind of what I wanted in the first place, instead of a separate sd expansion and a microsd)