Any plans for firmware updates to improve battery life?

I remember seeing that there is apparently a bug with certain expansion cards that don’t allow certain parts of the computer to go into power saving mode, draining the battery much faster (I remember HDMI expansion card being the main one). This seems like something that could probably be fixed with a firmware update. Are there plans to implement that when the issue is properly diagnosed and solved? And can we expect other similar updates in the future, or is current battery life the same as it always will be?


I am certain hard work is being put in to any possible improvements that can be made to the BIOS or firmware. A lot of times what may seem like a simple upgrade or improvement can be complex or impossible.

It looks like the embedded controller, which is a part of the firmware that handles power sequencing and other low level functions, has a GitHub page if you would like to follow the progress more closely or contribute.


Please be nice. They’re just asking a question about something they were wondering about.

I’ve also wondered about this (with my limited knowledge on computer science).

Battery life is on paper one of the Frameworks biggest drawbacks I’ve seen people talk about on this forum. I’ve still ordered one because all of the other positives are worth getting a bit less battery life to me, but if there are possibilities to improve on this I’d definitely want to know!


Since the issues were first noted there have been 3 bios updates. These are difficult things to lock down and I believe they just need more time. I have been able to mitigate them on my Windows install. Standby performance is similar on Linux. Hibernation has been me real solution. Resume speed is excellent.

Indeed. It would be awesome if our official motto would be something like: be excellence to each other. However, despite that we are really glad all of you are here!


My experience is to just switch off all sleep and hibernation features. Just run on or off. An NVMe drive only takes a few seconds to boot or shutdown. I set the screen to 35% brightness for use and have it switch off the screen after 10mins inactivity, that’s it.

I remember the days when you considered yourself lucky you got 2 hours out of a charged laptop from new. :grinning: Kids today… :wink:


You are right, my sarcasm kind of ran off with the leash there. My intent was to have a laugh but in retrospect it was kind of mean and unhelpful. I’ve edited my original post.


Good to see you respond so constructively to feedback! :slight_smile:


Thank you for being such a kind human being.