Ryzen 7640U - How to Improve Battery Life?

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I got the Framework 13 DIY Edition with the Ryzen 7640u chip. Running 64GB ram and a 4TB nvme SSD on Windows 11.

I’m wondering if anyone has tips for improving battery life. Currently, I run battery saver mode, 20-30% brightness, only use FireFox and Outlook, and I cannot seem to get more than 4-4.5 hours of battery life. When I look up forum posts/reviews of this model, many claim to get 7, 8, 9+ hours of battery life and I’m unsure what else I should be trying here. Seems the battery should be lasting a lot longer. Any ideas?

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For me the power plan was set to high performance for some reason. Changing it to balanced fixed the battery life.

Appreciate the tip. Mine is already set to balanced, unfortunately.

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Out of interest if you go to activity monitor or whatever it’s called on windows, it displays the average cpu mhz right? On Linux on battery after fixing my p-states to be the most aggressively battery saving, at idle most of my cores sit at 400Mhz. If I were you I would open that up on the side and then duplicate and fiddle with energy plan settings.

at idle most cores should be off not sure how well that is reflected there.

That could be true, I was just watching /proc/cpuinfo, that likely means off.

Have you tried going to AMD’s site to check for drivers that way? I believe there are some updated drivers that are available directly from AMD.

I haven’t heard that Windows has the same issue, but in Linux, watching videos effectively halves my battery life. By chance, are you playing videos in your Firefox browser?

Powertop has a tab that tells you how much the cores spend sleeping

Hi @Zac_Spainhour, I would check Task Manager and see what the most active processes are. If it’s bloatware or something you don’t use/need disable its service or uninstall the app.

I recall a client system with poor performance & short battery life having something hung up in windows update. After resolving that, everything ran as expected again.

HWINFO may be of use as well.

Hope this helps!