Any Recommendations for compatible USB Cooling Pads?

I’m wondering if anyone has had success in using a non-custom built cooler with the Framework 13 (AMD 7040).

I’m using a Cooler Master USB cooling pad [ ], but when I plug it in to a usb port it runs for a brief moment and then turns off and I get a disconnect alert from my OS (both in Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22) and then it reconnects and disconnects continuously.

I found a similar issue discussed in this thread [ USB cooling pad causes USB-A port to die, requiring an eject and re-insert ], but I haven’t found any examples on Reddit or the Community posts discussing successful products --other than custom built ones and I’m hoping I don’t need to buy/try/return a couple before I find a permanent solution.


UPDATE: I found one!!

This is the Amazon name:
ICE COOREL Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad 2023 Upgrade, Laptop Cooler Stand with 7 Height Adjustable, Laptop Fan Cooling Pad for Laptop 12-15.6 Inch, Notebook Cooler Pad with Two USB Port (Silver)

Amazon link:

I wouldn’t suggest using the USB port on the fan, but IMO this thing is perfect and looks excellent with the Framework design. The fan noise is kinda grainy, but it cools the machine and that’s all I needed.