Anyone attempted to use an AHK replacement (Hawck, etc.)?

I know other threads have discussed ways of making up for ‘missing’ keys, but has anyone had success using Hawck (or something similar) to make up for the lack of AHK in Linux? What would you all recommend?

Note: I’m not willing to abandon Wayland.

AHK makes no sense to me on linux. If I want to automate something, I just use a shell script and some commandline tools instead of a gui app in the first place.

To me, AHK only exists in the first place to get around the deficiency in windows gui-only apps and OS that doesn’t facilitate automation from the outset. But Everything in unix-land facilitates automation from the beginning and guis are only layered on top.

Automation is so baked in to everything that I am sure that if I looked in to it, it applies to gui layers too. I bet I would discover that I can also send virtual mouse movements and keystrokes from a script if I wanted to. Perhaps with a dummy/virtual input device, or perhaps some form of X or dbus messaging…

Yep, took an exhausting 3 seconds to google up at least one way…

In some cases, yes, but I’ve used it to effectively write my own drivers for my Razer Tartarus that added functionality unavailable in their own (awful) program. Yes, that would be uneccesary if there was better cli docs for it, but it’s barely compatible with linux last I checked, and with too much work left to do for it to make sense for me to learn what is needed to progress the work given the benefits.

That’s just one example of what I’d use it for which can’t be accomplished with Cron and my current skills and which would provide a great QoL improvement while not one quite large enough to warrant work on it (and development of my skills required to be) a reasonable endeavour.

Yes, I’m well aware of xdotool, You’ll remember that I noted that I was not using X, and that I was simply seeking a review of such tools from a current user as I begin to implement the tool on my own machine because I remain worried of the undocumented deprecation of many such tools.
Additionally, I resent your gatekeeping and dismissive tone, and hope I am only misinterpreting it as such.

It’s more like I hate the thought of investing work into doing something wrong or backwards.

Like, if you learn that you get to your neighbors by walking out your front door and turn left, and then learn that it’s the same but a bit further to another neighbor, and a bit further and another left to the guy around the corner, and you stick with what you know, and eventually your method for getting to one neighbor is to walk all the way around your block.

And then you try to figure out ways to travel three blocks faster and you ask how to build a motorized vehicle and how to power it, that can go left and drive a block and repeat 3 times, faster than you can walk…

…and I think if I wanted to get to that neighbor’s house I would not waste 1 second trying to build a vehicle or source fuel for it. I would not spend that time or energy trying to figure that out, even for myself even if I were the one who needed to get to that neighbor’s house, so I especially reject the idea of spending any time or energy figuring out how to do something I see as unnecessary, for someone else. I’d just walk a few steps to the right and never even need any of that nonsense. If you want help with the actual goal of travelling to this neighbors house, without pre-assuming the way that’s accomplished, I’m all over that. Or else, if you can explain why the way that seems most sensible at first glanse isn’t an option, like the path is blocked that way and you actually do have to walk 3 blocks and 3 left turns to get to the neighbor to your right.

I like to help people but I hate to waste my own time even for my own benefit let alone for someone else’s. IE I hate to “help you do it wrong”. So it can be insulting because of the way it looks stupid to me, and I don’t hide that very well.

I do acknowledge that sometimes a thing that looks stuipid may have special cases where for whatever reason, it may be stupid yet also simply required, the only option or the most practical option, stupid or no.

But “AHK for Linux” just screams “walking left all the way around the block to accomplish getting a few feet to the right” Just on the face of it .

It’s absolutely judgemental and opinionated. I don’t even think I’m apologizing for that aspect, just acknowledging, yep, judgemental and opinionated.

@ERLindeman For what it’s worth, there’s wtype, which is basically the xdotool equivalent for wayland. Keep in mind that I’ve never used it (my current machine has Nvidia, so I haven’t really tried any Wayland stuff on here), but it might be helpful for the sort of stuff you’re trying to do.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve come across OpenRazer, but that might also help you accomplish what you want.
[edit] Ah, never mind. OpenRazer seems to not support key rebinding on the Tartarus…

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Yup, that’s exactly what I was referring to. I should subscribe to updates to the git, come to think of it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a look.
Note to anyone else reading this: I’m really not asking anyone to Google this for me, just looking for other’s experiences.

I totally get it, but I’ve spent a lot of time redeveloping my workflow in linux to find that there is no ‘right way’ for a lot of the crazy weird and niche things I want to be able to do, and I’d like a centralized way to address all of those things.
Seriously though, trust me, I’m exactly the same way and that’s part of the reason I posted this. I can’t afford to waste time on something that isn’t going to work, and I don’t want to waste others’ time having them Google things for me, so I asked for personal experiences.

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I’ve been using x11, and not planning to move to wayland yet. The closest thing I could get that’s somewhat easy to use like AHK on linux was Actiona, but it’s only available on x11. The next program was xdotools.

TL;DR: Not much luck if you’re on wayland, as most of the decent tools are on x11.

I found that key-mapper seems promising though.

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