Keyboard arrow keys

Half-height arrow keys are a dealbreaker for me and a number of other people. Usable page-up/page-down keys are also important to me. Page navigation, folks.

I was ready to click “buy now” until I noticed the keyboard layout.


I don’t like them either but it’s not a total deal breaker.

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It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it is less than ideal. I’m somewhat hopeful we’ll see some interesting aftermarket keyboard mods like the ones mentioned here. In particular I’d like to see something that uses chocolate switches, particularly if they’re hot swapable. Other interesting possibilities for a “keyboard” replacement would be adding a trackpoint and/or a different touchpad like the Sensel.

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Something that I think would be cool to see in a future iteration of this product would if the metal plate on the keyboard and around the keys was a separate piece from the rest of the case, so that the keyboard layout could be completely changed with a different one.

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I actually really like the keyboard layout chosen, but I understand how it could be a dealbreaker to some.

For me, something I’m interested in is having a keyboard with an ubuntu/tux logo instead of the windows key. I’d pay money for that as I’m not a windows user and I really really really hate (like it’s insane how disproportionally upset this gets me) the windows key on my laptop that doesn’t use windows.

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I can understand, even though I don’t have this issue, but might I suggest you just get keycap stickers? I know if this was something that bothered me, and I understood how unvaried the Linux first hardware world was, that getting keycap stickers is what I would do.

With the keyboard being replaceable by design, I don’t see any real trade offs, unless you are super sensitive to the bump the stickers would introduce.

Yeah, I’m planning on getting the blank keyboard for this purpose, but I guess in general my “feature request” is a “normal” keyboard but when a different “super” key or whatever it’s called.

For me the deal breaker is the arrow keys not having the left/right keys also be half height. up/down/left/right all need to be the same size in order to find the keys by touch.

Without the gap above the left/right arrows, quick finger placement is an exercise in frustration.


I have my $1800 order in the shopping cart, and I simply can’t pull the trigger because of this one issue.

I’ve lived with this same up/down split key + left/right full size keyboard for the last 6 months on a new laptop, replacing my previous one of 8 years and this issue is what is driving me to buy a new one already, unfortunately it appears it can’t be :frowning:


@nrp I ran across your comment here: The arrow keys were an interesting challenge. We actually prototyped both versio... | Hacker News

The arrow keys were an interesting challenge. We actually prototyped both versions, and the full height ones ended up feeling better to most folks. It’s definitely a matter of personal preference though.

Happy to hear that the inverted t-shape for the arrow keys was prototyped – even though it was not chosen as the main one. Will a keyboard with the ‘arrow keys gap’ be available in the future?

I thought they were really odd at first. When I saw this post I realized that I have not been noticing them anymore.

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Coming from Model M, classic ThinkPad, post-IBM ThinkPad, MBPs, chicklets, 60% keyboards…

The Framework keyboard is fine to me. It does take some adjusting, but definitely not a deal breaker. Just like driving a new car (steering is different, suspension around cornering is different, centre of mass is shifted), riding a road bike (steerer angle is different, climbing responsiveness is different…etc)…

To me, as long as it’s not a butterfly keyboard, then it’s something I can adjust to…and already did over the long weekend.

…and having used 60% keyboards, you get used to remapping keys…

At times, I switch over to this…


OMG. That they prototyped a proper inverted T arrow key arrangement and then didn’t go that way is the most frustrating thing ever. I’m finding the hard part of getting used to the keyboard is the same thing in multiple places – keys that are all the same size and shape making it impossible to figure out which key you’re on without looking.

I would pay real money for a new keyboard with, inverted T arrow key, a double-width left control key and a gap between it and the alt key instead of just four identical square keys.

I have no use for the windows key or function key anyways, they’re just traps catching my finger when I’m looking for control or alt.

I know you can’t actually do the full size control key because of the metal grill (though I would think it would be easy enough to leave off that bit in future models). But the standard inverted T arrows would be a huge win.

I was considering buying the blank keyboard when it comes out – having proper arrow keys would make that a slam dunk.

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