Anyone notice how amazing Framework is at listening to user feedback?

You ask for an Ethernet card?

You ask for a SD expansion card?

You ask for AMD?

You ask for a bigger battery?

You ask for a bigger laptop with dedicated graphics (which has taken all other manufacturers years to make and none of them have gotten right?)

Oh yea. They accidentally forgot to rivet the keyboard into the device. (Oh wait that’s what everyone else does). This led to the input system.

Dont have what your looking for? Build it yourself!

Why has it taken so long for a computer manufacturer to do this? Framework has only been around for a few years!


Need more Framework appreciation posts like this!
As much as the forum is fantastic for getting technical feedback and criticism to Framework, I think this sort of “you all are doing great” type post really is important to show how much we appreciate FW and their mission!
Positive feedback is just as important as negative, and many have the tendency to forget that.