Anyone test external Laptop Battery packs yet?

I have the little Anker thing and it works. You may want the little bigger Anker thing though, like the 20000+ mAh Power Delivery capable ones. :grin:


This was the first battery/dock I’ve tested, and so far just the charging/storage portion, not the HDMI or miniDP ports or the USB3 ports (beyond having a flash drive plugged in and being recognized).

Since I’m running ChromeOS I could use dmesg to see quite a few details about the dock, and everything appears to be recognized correctly but the first USB-C to USB-C cable I was using seemed to be triggering a lot of USB bus resets, which caused the M.2 SATA drive in the Line.dock to disappear and reappear, and when I had a USB3 flash drive plugged in that was doing the loop as well.

I switched to a better rated Plugable USB-C to USB-C cable that comes with their NVME enclosures and it reset far less, though it did still occasionally goof. I’m tempted to pull out the M.2 SATA from the Line.dock and see if it behaves better when just acting as a battery pack/dock but it requires removing a LOT of screws since they hid the port beneath the motherboard. I’m going to reach out to their support team and see if they have any tips for getting full functionality, if it requires a TB3 cable or if it is only support on specifically 13" Macbooks.

I also reached out about my 15" preorder and they were able to look it up and offered me a refund of my original crowdfunding payment and gave me a nice discount code to order one through their site since they couldn’t manage a unit at the insanely discounted early bird price without losing a LOT of money given the component shortages and increased cost of materials the past couple years not to mention the re-engineering and greatly improved feature set from what was originally promised in the campaign. I was OK with paying a bit more because they had given backers the option to switch to a 13" to ship sooner and I opted to wait it out for a 15".

Fyi you can diy your own 65W power supply for about $3 in materials if you’ve got some 18650s and a car pd charger. Here’s a post I made about it:

(I only had a 40W device at the time)


I had this conundrum a while back, and after doing some research, picked up an Anker Powercore III Elite, which has 26000 odd mAh, and can do 87W output (more than I’ll ever need). It is hefty, but it can charge my framework from ~20% to ~90% twice without dying, and its been wonderful. It’s one of the more expensive options, I think I picked mine up for ~$130, but its been nothing but wonderful, and Anker is a trustworthy enough company I don’t worry about it combusting in my bag or some such.

I have a very similar Anker battery pack and that’s exactly right, I plug the usb-C cable into the battery pack and into my laptop and it charges! This one gives me almost 1 full laptop charge when the battery pack is fully charged. It’s been very good for travelling, and works with my Samsung Note20 as well :slight_smile:

I’m struggling to get my RAVPower PD Pioneer power bank to play ball. It can output up to 60w, but when I plug it in, the laptop starts charging the power bank! Any ideas? I’ve tried various combinations of cable and pushing the button on the power bank, to no avail.

Mine does this if the laptop is hibernating, I have to activate it (it’s a button press to do the ~87W) while the laptop is on, or the laptop charges the bank and it refuses to go the other way, so maybe try it with the laptop on and awake.

After some research, I was thinking of purchasing the Storm 2

Its has all the bells and whistles one could ask for: Nice design, USB-C1 100 W, DC up to 75 W, adjustable voltage and power control, can charge and be charged at the same time etc…

Yet on their Kickstarter campaign ( April 2021)

The comments range from “have yet to receive mine”, “received mine but there’s some strange noises”, “So far so good I love this unit”.

All of this made me reluctant to purchase one…

If anyone on the forum has one please post some feedback, I shall do the same if I end up getting one :ok_hand:


That’s gorgeous. Although If I ever had to get it out on the tube it’d clear the carriage pretty quick. :bomb:

This article from the Wirecutter recommends a few ZMI battery packs because they can also be used as hubs.

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Just checked them out, they look really nice, unfortunately, their highest output model only delivers 60W. I believe Framework needs 65W

I have used a 30 watt MacBook Air charger to power and charge my Framework while using it.

Anything lower I’ve tried will boost the charge when off, but is not suited for using it.

I picked up the ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro (from the Wirecutter article). It works great with the framework. It’s totally fine that it’s “only” 60 watts (for this use case 60 watts is overkill)

The laptop uses less than 30 watts. When you plug it in, the laptop powers itself first (and any extra power goes to charge the battery). So you could get by with any power bank that outputs 30 watts or more. (as far as I know)

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I’ve found anything from 16W output up will charge a Framework (especially when switched off). It’s just down to how fast you want it to charge.

16W alone will hold a charge when idle. I’m using a Anker 30W charger in my laptop bag and that will hold the charge when under full load.

Don’t worry too much about the 65W thing.

The official Framework power adapter is 60W.

An FYI. I have an “Egoway” 100w powerbank with USB-C PD output and when I used it with my Framework, it did work to get it charged up - but the powerbank got HOT, so I won’t be doing that again!

I have the Anker PowerCore and it seems to work pretty well. It has 45w power delivery which isn’t as much as the wall plug, but is still pretty good for a battery pack.

Pricey, but it supports charging my framwork over the USB-c port and even while actively using the laptop it was still charging the battery. Only thing to watch out for is that you need a proper cable. The one that comes with it works, but some of my other cables didn’t work right. Also, the laptop thinks its plugged in so I had mine set to run in full power mode by default when connected, which drained battery faster than in “battery” mode. So manually changing power settings is required to get getter battery life.


For those with these high wattage external batteries, are you able to run the laptop purely off the external battery with the internal disconnected? I’ve seen conflicting reports accross the community wrt how much power the laptop really draws, so I’m curious if, for example, the 45w batteries can power the laptop given the right bios configuration.

For more context, I plan on using an external battery to power the mainboard by itself, for use in projects much like you can do with a raspi. I was origanally planning to adapt a 6s LiPO to usb-c using some sort of Xt60-usbcPD trigger board (which itself is a neat expansion card idea), but it looks like the batteries in this thread may be more economical (and also significantly safer for both me and the mainboard).

if you run the system without a battery on a small charger, like a 45W charger you may see significant throttling, or will not be able to support multiple power hungry type-c devices and the system will shut down.

To get the best performance in that mode, you’ll want a higher wattage power adapter (100W if possible).

This was on sale recently:
GOLABS R500 Portable Power Station, 518Wh Outdoor Solar Generator LiFePO4 Battery Backup with 500W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, PD 100W USB C Quick Charge for CPAP Camping RV Travel Emergency Orange : Patio, Lawn & Garden

“Portable” is relative…