Apple Thunderbolt display

Assuming use of an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to 2/1 adapter, will the Framework laptop work with an Apple Thunderbolt display? Thanks.

Probably, there are no hardware limitations to speak of but only an owner can say for sure. Although the difficulties with the ProDisplay XDR don’t exactly bode well either.

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There was a thread about this display and the FW13 here: [TRACKING] Cannot Connect to Thunderbolt 2 Monitor - #2 by andyk2

Not much luck with this display on new PCs.

The Apple Thunderbolt display is a TB1 device and might require security features to be disabled on a host device. Presumably Apple is doing this as needed on their systems or designed an opening for their old hardware. Last time I used mine was on a 2015 MBP, so I’m not actually sure how well supported it has been since then.

Firewire stuff has a similar problem, relying on unauthenticated DMA (maybe not coincidental that the TB Display includes a firewire port). Adapting the connector to usb-c isn’t sufficient.

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