MiniDV Firewire connection, possible?

So, I have done some research and would love to make a MiniDV connection over Firewire To Thunderbolt adapter. This is theoretically possible as there exist DV > Firewire400 > Firewire 800 > Thunderbolt 2 > Thunderbolt 3 adapters and here’s a video of someone using all those adapters in a chain to connect them to thunderbolt 3. This means it could all be combined into one adapter (with much difficulty). I doubt it’d ever be able to all fit in the expansion cards but maybe I could print one that sticks out from the laptop as much as needed?
guess just wondering if anyone has any useful info for me if I attempt to do this.


Whoa. That sounds complex, with too many possible points of failure.

That thought kept aside, this sounds INTERESTING! Do update us if you have any progress! If nothing else, this will be one brilliant proof-of-concept!

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Having experience with TB3=>TB2=>FW800 I’ve discovered you’ll probably have better luck on macOS even if using a 3rd party adapter like StarTech.


It’s TB4 not TB3 and too many points of failure.

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Which StarTech adapter are you speaking of? the only ones I’ve found are mac.

It appears maybe somebody figured it out. I think there is a Linux driver for one of the thunderbolt adapters, but since the TB2 ports were uncommon outside of Apple machines there wasn’t as much motivation to get it working.

I picked up a collection like this, but I think to get it actually working I ended up using a PCIe FireWire card in the Razer Core X enclosure with my TB3 capable system.

Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter

Tripp Lite FireWire 800 IEEE 1394b Hi-speed Cable (9pin/4pin) 6-ft.(F019-006) black