Are you keeping your Framework laptop?

I want a Framework since the very beginning, but like many others I’m still waiting for it to sell in my country so I’m keeping an eye from time to time on eBay for a deal, and most of the time, there are 1 our 2 for sale, then I noticed an increase on eBay lately witch got me curious.

On one hand there is new hardware out there and some ppl just can’t wait to get it, on the other hand, owning a Framework looks like a way of life, why getting anything else when u can just upgrade it down the road, I guess those who don’t want to keep a framework couldn’t make it work for their needs.

I’m still using a Thinkpad T430 and as Desktop a HP Z420 workstation (10+ year tech), upgraded with everything that could be done to keep then usable.

Nothing in the market checks all the boxes I’m looking for, but Framework is close, I just need some more iGPU power for light gaming, I guess by the time it gets to my country, AMD will be available as an option :smile:


There shouldn’t be any battery drain in ‘switched off’ so in any of the situaytions you imagine why would you use sleep ???

Sounds like you are a person who’s comapany could be stimulating.

So where are you, clearly outside North America and Europe I imagine.

All the best

But there is, reported, by multiple users. It’s supposed to be fixed in 3.08 (alpha)…but it has yet to be ‘released’.


I haven’t noticed any so better pay more attention in the morning.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure? I think a battery drain happens in BIOS 3.07 or earlier. See Battery slowly drains when completely shut down . And it seems it was fixed on 3.08.

Because I am lazy to shut down. Sleep is convenient to continue to work even in a short down (spare) times. I want to keep opening terminals and browsers related to developing, reading or writing work. I find down time, then work on it. I find another down time, then work on it again. The down times are such as ones for waiting a food in a restaurant or a cafe, or waiting or getting on a train or airplane.

Or even at home, I start to use a laptop, then I stop a laptop, then start to read a book, then start to use a laptop again, then stop a laptop and start to eat something… Sleep is good.


Will be keeping forever - I currently have an old Thinkpad I use only for banking / mortgage so when this thing is no longer relevant for daily driver at work I have a really good option for a spare machine for that use case.

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I have had my framework (diy) for just over 2 months and am very pleased with it, I have had a problem with the camera module but that was quickly resolved by support. So yes I will be keeping my framework laptop for a long time.


Keeping mine. No issues as I’m using Windows and I don’t bother with ‘power saving’ features as I feel they are obsolete in the age of super fast NVMe storage.

The only ‘annoyance’ I have is that Framework could have mentioned to European buyers that they should buy all the expansion cards they need with the initial order as buying any more will be 6+ months away.

I do admit however, it doesn’t feel as ‘throw-about’ as my old Dell Lattitude, but what does?

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I’m pretty sure they did say that a market palce would open in Europe one day. maybe you read that as tomorroe or yesterday.

Think they have it now. :slight_smile:

No this was the day after the Batch 8 in late February we realised we had no Euro marketplace.

It’s still 'Coming Soon!" Fingers crossed.

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I’m returning mine, as it has proven unusable because it constantly freezes even when using components that are officially listed as compatible. Very disappointing experience.

Definitely keeping mine. I’ve been running pretty smoothly with Arch Linux and Windows on an expansion card, and I look forward to being able to upgrade parts in the future. I’m especially excited for the possibility of coreboot on the horizon – tinkering with the firmware would be an exciting opportunity!

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Thought I’d do an update: I managed to narrow down the freezing problem on my own to some issue with the video (loading the Intel driver would reliably cause the computer to freeze within a few minutes, but passing nomodeset to the kernel avoided this problem). After some correspondence with the Framework support team, they shipped me a replacement mainboard, which I swapped in for the one I originally had. The freezing problem is gone and everything is running quite smoothly on Fedora 36, so I thought it might be worthwhile to say that I’m not going to be returning the laptop after all. I appreciate the helpfulness of the support team; I can only assume that I was unlucky enough to get a bad board in my original order.


Thanks for sharing your experience!
Im also using fedora and have to switch the Mainboard and already got a new one from support.
Did you have to do a clean install of fedora after the Mainboard Switch or did it just work with the new mainboard? My fedora installation is LUks encrypted and Secure Boot is on.

I bought the Framework to support them and the direction they are representing and will be keeping the laptop but I’m not 100% satisfied. I feel like this is generation 1 life and I’m OK with that as long as most significant problems can be fixed and future versions ship without them.

Main issues for me are:

Battery drain issues:
A significant shortcoming of a portable machine and limits it flexibility as a laptop.

Downward firing muddy and muffled. They are a real weak point if you use them.

Four ports is a bit limiting, if the dual ports per card come to fruition that would be great.

Overall I think Framework are doing a good job but there are some teething issue I’m hopeful will be fixed. Mostly I am really excited and impressed with the community around the laptop, the benefits of a knowledgeable community of users with a laptop like ours is amazing for everyone involved.

@t6rwowWK No, I didn’t do a clean reinstall. I just popped in the new board and it booted up without any problems. Not sure if SecureBoot would change this, I had it turned off.

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Keeping it! It has become my daily driver and I’m even contemplating upgrading the motherboard.

I have some issues but I haven’t updated the BIOS since I got it (I’m waiting for the 3.08 version)


This is what has royally *cked Purism. This is why Framework gets my money and why Purism doesn’t. Go have a look at their forums, see how many threads on Reddit and on their forums are devoted to finding out when and if customers will get their orders.


That’s an old story.

I promised you nothing a long time ago and you got exactly what was promised.

I’ve been waiting for a Fairtrade magnetic cable for a year. Some people like Framework seem to be sailing on the high seas, some people seem to blown of course, some are going around in circles in their fish pond and there are other who don’t know the stem from the stern but want to make waves.

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