Are you keeping your Framework laptop?

High standby drain is one of the battery issues (set to be improved only with the 12th gen upgrade), there is also the draining when shutdown (BIOS 3.08 set to fix) and the expansion cards cause drain unless they are type C effecting runtime and standby, I believe this might be unfixable sadly.

It does charge quickly which is great, or is it? My battery gets quite warm when charging and just because battery replacements are available and relatively easy mining lithium and producing these batteries is not without impact or cost.

Also consider the prebuilt is priced equal to or more expensive (in the EU) than a new Apple M1 air for the same storage and ram capacities it is a little disappointing to have these problems…

I know there is chasm between what the two laptops offer in terms of repair, longevity, ownership and resulting environmental impact etc. (that is why bought a FW not an Apple) but I think it is fair to say that Framework is directly competing in the same space while falling short in every basic category besides weight and screen brightness.

-Unpopular opion ends-

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I wonder whether design flaw is covered by warranty, and if it is, then is Framework waiting for our warranty to expire before even remotely acknowledging it’s a design / hardware issue?

e.g. The hinges…people have been getting replacements. What’s happening with the TB 4 certification though? Is there a hardware issue?

It’s been over a year since this was posted:

That is borderline character assassination and many people on the forum will point to Framework’s good faith efforts on support many times in the past. I think that concern is completely unfounded. Purism is a company that could be fairly charged with that but not Framework IMO.

I would like to know this personally but as it functions as intended, it’s personally a minor detail.


I don’t think so, to both questions. It does seem to be a design flaw/oversight that might be inescapable without a physical switch but I’m not sure. FW seem to be more helpful and responsive than most companies and I’m willing to wait and see for now, I’m here because I believe in the direction they are promoting.

Regarding TB4 I think support it is all but official but I have no idea what the hold-up is.

I’m very cynical…I have trust issues. I tend to look at current issue, per issue at a time, and try to ignore historical trend / behaviour.

For example (of my trust issue), the lack of a BIOS update is concerning…is 11th gen mainboard maintenance being abandoned or something? The lack of timeline…

Some might be able to trust another base on a product and support…but I, personally (likely an issue with me), can’t say / know much about the future of the 11th gen mainboard.

The lack of statements / announcement is an indication that someone doesn’t want to be held to their words…and simply easier to leave them unsaid. Unless, if you’re Amber Turd…where fabricating lies is the norm.

That would go against the whole environmental aspect of their marketing wouldn’t it? Besides, the BIOS is developed by Insyde, not Framework, so there is only so much they can do I assume. Seriously, give Framework the benefit of the doubt here, I think they’ve earned it. Although I will take the time to plug Coreboot support as an aoption, Coreboot would enable Framework to make commits on their own time and not be beholden to a third-party’s timeline.

My 256 memory extension and microSD do not cause any drain when in hibernate. Battery drops 1% overnight.

It’s not the battery that charges quickly it’s the choice of the user.

As I said in another thread, I remember when two hours from a band new laptop was considered good battery life.

Kids today…


It was a pointless unhelpful comment then as well…

This was unhelpful, condescending and inaccurate suggested you read this.


That’s good to hear hibernate works like hibernate should at least. Those cards are still draining additional power reducing your battery runtime so yeah still an issue IMO.

I’m not proactively choosing to charge it at high speed so how is it the user?? If you know of a way to limit charge rate I would be happy to learn about it.

Called historical perspective! It’s important not to forget where we have come from to get to today. :wink:


Sure it is interesting and impressive that technology has come along from those days (and expected!), in 20-30 years the runtimes of today will seem bad again (probably much sooner if ARM takes a hold) but the Framework is in the here and now as am I so historical laptop runtimes are not really relevant in my eyes.

I would say your comment is akin to looking at a new vehicles fuel efficiency and comparing it to a car that is from the 90s, you expect it would be better so to compare them would be pointless right?

Nor, it seems, is having a sense of humour. Not to worry. :thinking: :rofl:

Use a lower powered supply so it cannot draw max amperage.


I am currently using a 5V 2.4A max charger, but I image the PD/PPS controller, having no comms with my charger, may only draw 1 Amp. I will test but not for a few days.

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I figured that was the case. I am using the Framework charger and have no other suitable charger so no choice without buying more hardware and I don’t want to create more e-waste.

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Remeber part of the argument is not to waste the battery especialy die to the Lithium production and ‘waste’
Buying a 40w charger could still be seen as valuable if it ‘saves’ the battery.

How about a USB C adapter to USB A from the charger to a USB A port. I imagine that should seriously downgrade the charge rate.

The other option is not to charge the battery to such a high voltage which can be done via the BIOS.

You may also find lots of older chargers being dumped


I already limit the battery voltage via BIOS which is good but doesn’t help with heat generation unfortunately.

I don’t think charging from the type A port is supported or did you mean A->C adapter in the brick then into a type-C port in the machine?

My devices are old and only put out a measley 5W or 12W so using them would probably result in more battery wear. When I get a new phone it might be a option though I really rather not have a hard limit on the systems power, I would rather a software option. I realise I don’t currently have any other choice.

A fair point to consider.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Come on people! Unless I misunderstood something the expeansion cards directly connect to the CPU no USB hub.

What can be done via a ‘new’ expansion cards. I can’t wait to the possibilities as they come to light Gen 11 Gen 12, who really cares

This is the Framework show me an alternative today = none
Tomorrow (like not really tomorrow) maybe but we have it now.

For all those who want to throw thier Frameowrk away, send me a private message I’ll be happy to receive :rofl:

Don’t try and sell something that you consider ‘rubbish’ that’s degrading to you and bad vibes. Send it back or send it on.


Wow, of course I’m keeping mine! Anyone who is doing otherwise clearly didn’t understand what they were buying and doesn’t fit in with the whole objective here. I mean, I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you, but thanks at least for supporting the movement! Please please please don’t “destroy it” like someone up top threatened – at least find a school or a single mother you can donate it to, for the love of god!


Hi @Richard_Lees

Well as an unbeliever they can do what they like with it, but as I said I’d be happy to take it off their hands and as you note there are probably millions if not billions of people that would, but not God. :slight_smile: