ARM-based CPUs

And to enable the nomad lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of

(Jk, if only all it took was a laptop…)

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Just been looking at Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 13.8". Wondered what a phone chip was doing in it - Snapdragon X Elite or Plus. Reviews seem pretty good. As my SL3 has just died, I may just stick with MSFT, although I am interested in the FW13.

This looks rather tempting… The price point, the hardware, can be purchased with NBD on-site support (depends on location):

Yeah… uh about that.

Intel is just as proprietary if not MORE so.

So… yeah.

Also, x86 in general has a lot of:
A: zero days
B: UEFI issues
C: bootguard blocking coreboot.

Only if the OEM you buy from has boot guard disabled does it stay disabled.
Same with intel me.

Don’t think that’s what the statement was about, the arm ecosystem is just a lot more fragmented and every chip has it’s own special sauce and does stuff a little differently. X86 is a whole lot more standardized than that. But how much it sucks for linux varies wildly by manufacturer. Rockchip (who seems to be half assedly pro open source) tends to be a lot easier to deal with then amlogic (who is very anti open source, at least when it comes to giving back, not the taking bit XD) for example but all of them require some measure of reverse engineering. On the x86 side you have both intel and amd actively contributing to mainline linux.


That is a fair point… hadn’t realized

A rather interesting efficiency benchmark from Alex Ziskind:

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I wonder how RK3588 would compare to all 3.

It’s kind of moot because RK3588 is in a different league performance-wise. I benchmarked one at about 1/3 the single-core performance and 1/4 the multi-core performance of a decent AMD laptop chip. Even fanless-to-fanless, it’s a bit less than half of one of the pre-Snapdragon-X processors that everyone thought were too slow to be useful.

Shots fired:

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I have stopped watching Linus. His videos have gotten boring and he’s always focused on boring Windows stuff.

That said, the guy in the video above sounds like an Oompa-loompa.

Will Framework Laptop 13 have ARM based Mainboard?

Maybe read up on this, you can search

Your query was moved here as this has been asked before:

Two ‘more’ examples from a search



Intel and AMD are baked into the ecosystem so it’s less risky for a startup to utilize them. ARM isn’t widely adopted outside the mobile ecosystem, with only Apple being the best example of ARM so far ( Snapdragon just released so we’ll have to see ). I imagine that FW wanted to see how Snapdragon was going to perform before they pulled the trigger. I think it’ll honestly be a couple more years before we see ARM on the FW. I hope I’m wrong!

Next gen of the Snapdragon chips will ne released before the years end. But the “windows” (linux too)ecosystem is still in its infancy, but atleast rhe qualcomm 1st gen X chips will get linux support with kernels 6.10 and 6.12.

So maybe next year we will see something from FW roo.


I wasn’t promoting ARM. My post was just an answer to the previous one that was created a separate Topic. I was just pointing them here.

Personally I’m not up to asking Framework for anything new. What they have done is pretty amazing so I’ll just see if any future product suits me. Though I imagine, if my 1165G7 lasts I won’t be in the market fo another computer.

All the best.

Will Framework Laptop 13 have Snapdragon X Plus as mainboard?

Is there a plan to design/build/ship an ARM Framework-13 with new XElite chips?

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Hi and welcome.

Searching for arm gives this list


Just got back from Best Buy (Canada)…looked at the ASUS Vivobook S 15 OLED in person (didn’t buy it though).

Windows experience aside, just want to talk about the processor performance.

Asus did well with the Snapdragon X Elite X1E-78-100 in that chassis. There’s no boost clock with this processor, and that’s ok, IMO. I ran Cinebench 2024 Multicore for 10 minutes. Render takes just under 5 minutes (around 4m56s), so the 10 minutes run actually ran 3 renders, finished in under 15 minutes. The scores were:
1st render: 1120
2nd render: 1112
3rd render: 1113

Plugged in, Power Mode was set to Best Performance, and I set the fan to the highest, just want to see what the hardware is capable of (ignoring the fan noise factor). (The Vivobook S 15 is the only Snapdragon offering that has user-selectable (but pre-defined) fan mode)

That’s just 7.5% behind the Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX, It’s impressive considering it’s the lowest tier Snapdragon X Elite with no boost.