AMD & Modularity

Look, I’d prefer a roadmap so I can understand where this whole thing is headed, but in lieu of that, can I atleast get a confirmation that I can buy a current framework laptop with the intel mobo and swap it out later for an AMD one? Or is it likely that I’m going to have to buy a separate AMD chassis?

We do not know, and you should only buy one if you think it meets your needs as things currently stand.

The desire is certainly that owners should be able to swap only the main board for one with future architectures. But there is no guarantee that there will be an AMD board, since the market for x86 “IBM compatible” is addressed with the intel it launched with, and Framework might choose to pursue ARM, Power PC or RISC-V for future options instead.


There is nothing special about the chassis that makes it Intel-only. So this is not likely.

However like @David_Eastham said, don’t buy it thinking you are guaranteed an AMD upgrade, and don’t expect such a guarantee until they actually release one.


Agreed - my hope is that eventually we’ll have the option of 12th/13th Gen Intel with Arc graphics, OR AMD 7000/8000 series with RDNA3 graphics…but we can’t assume that’ll happen. I’m very happy with what we have now really, but some additional graphics power would be great in the next generations. One question will be DDR4 vs DDR5 support too since we’re in the middle of that transition.

Update: I’ll wait for the AMD models. For my home workstation, I just ordered a Ryzen 5700g mini computer.

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