RISC Platform

Qualcomm recently announced their Snapdragon X Elite and there are benchmark scores saying it’s performance is as good as the current generation of Apple, AMD, and Intel mobile chips. There may be a chance for Framework to produce some boards for their platform to deliver something with extremely long battery life. I still really, really want RISC-V and CAMM2, but this is as good as it may get for a while.


CAMM2 RAM will probably eventually come, it just needs more market saturation for it to make sense producing compatible motherboards in a large scale.

As for RISC-V, I think Framework is probably not prioritizing a RISC-V/ARM mainboard at the moment because Windows 11 on ARM still has a lot of catching up to do before it can compare to Windows 11 x86 in terms of software compatibility. As a result not very many people would buy a RISC-V/ARM mainboard even if it was available, so at this point in time I don’t think it makes sense to make one.

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Yeah, I know Framework may not be able to take this on. I heard that just supporting x86 for the 13 inch and 16 inch are already stretching them thin. The advantage of the Framework laptops are that the board form factors are well defined so if there aren’t any legal issues, other companies could create and sell these boards as drop in replacements as a shortcut for creating their own ecosystem/experience all within the Framework 13 inch and 16 inch ‘platforms’.

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