Audio issues windows 11

I am having trouble with the audio on my DIY ed. First, I noticed it when connected to HDMI to stream a movie onto a TV. I assumed it was an HDMI driver issue, and haven’t looked further into it, as that is a use case I use infrequently. Now, though, I am having issues using Bluetooth headphones as well. (HDMI issue=sound only out of laptop speakers, BTHP issue=stuttering/poor quality.) I have looked at the drivers, and everything says up-to-date. Has anyone else run into this or can offer further insight?
Thanks in advance.


The only problem I’ve had is poor audio quality. At first I thought “it could just be bad speakers” but the quality is still worse than my phone with the same Bluetooth headset on the same song/video. This means it’s definitely an issue with the laptop. It could be either the audio driver or the card itself.

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Updating the drivers didn’t fix anything. The bass is barely there and everything else sounds tinny. Keep in mind this is with the EXACT SAME HEADPHONES that got excellent sound when using my phone. I’m not saying that using the same headphones should mean expecting the same quality, but this difference in audio quality is atrocious.

Edit: just realized this is diy. i have pre-built

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