Audio port?

On my 13 inch laptops, the audio port is built into the chassis. I just placed my preorder for the 16 inch version and I noticed that there is an audio plug-in module. Does this mean there is no audio connector in the chassis? If so it would also mean that this new computer only has one additional module port instead of two :frowning:
Does the modular audio plug offer anything that the built-in audio plug on the 13 does not offer ?


It gives better audio.

Framework | Audio Expansion Card

This Expansion Card provides increased dynamic range and improved signal to noise ratio in comparison to the Framework Laptop 13 built-in audio jack.

Thanks … I was happy with the built in audio jack. Too bad that I now have to use one of the side slots for the new audio module.

I initially felt the same way, but i think modularity is really better in the long run.
Realistically most people have some sort of bluetooth headset anyways. 6 (or 5 minus the audio port) still gives you plenty of options, even more than many other laptops out there. And if you really really need more, USB-C always allows for easy “expansion” via dongles and docks, just like on every other device.
So all in all Framework’s approach is always at least equal to 90% of the other manufacturers and often even better, so in my book that’s a win


You make some great points - I am a bit behind times and had forgotten all about bluetooth headsets and yes, a USB-C add-on box is a viable alternative.