Why does the 13 have a built in audio jack and not an expansion card slot?

As the title says why isn’t the audio jack an expansion card like it is on the 16? it’s not a huge deal for me but as someone who has no use for an audio jack I wish I could remove it and have another expansion card slot I could use for another port.

Removing it wouldn’t give you room for another expansion card. It doesn’t take up that much room, and the motherboard doesn’t extend far enough down there to provide a centered usb-c port as would be needed.

Clearly not enough room. That’s the design.

Do you have a 13.5" now or thinking of getting one?

I have a 13.5 ryzen 5 1 tb ssd &16gb RAM

That design choice was made long before the FW 16 was made and in the interest of keeping compatibility it has stuck. There are just as many people annoyed it is an expansion card, so really it’s a wash.