Audio Quality on Audio Jack

I recently bought myself a 560s headphone, specifically to go with a laptop, since the Sennheiser 560s are relativly low impedance headphones. I would consider myself an audiophile so the audio matters to me. Can anyone comment on the quality of the built in sound card in the device?


Bad… There’s a on/off state that creates a noise, and there’s a constant white noise while it’s on. I got used to it, but if your ears are sensitive getting a dedicated dac might be better.

I‘m a musician and not that picky but it should sound good enough for videos on YouTube for example.
If you consider yourself picky in sound, most laptops are poor spindquality. Even the MacBook needs a external soundcard for real good sound. But there’s plenty of really good and lightweight soundcards available you can put in your jeans-pocket!
Ok they are not cheap but like I said- for real good sound you need a external card in my opinion (and great headphones of course).
For me the internal works fine with bayerdynamic dt770m and pro, but everyones different…


No problems.

There is a cut in power if the there is a battery optimisation, which I don’t use, this can result in a click. No background noise, but then I’m 74 and top frequencies are attenuated :slight_smile:

Just checking: Above 14,500Hz is questionable for me

Sound quality of the built-in DAC…seems decent to me (from the 11th gen Batch 2). The power on / off pop is not something that I’ve noticed with my laptop (in combination with SRH1540, DT1350 [85.9 ohms], SE846 [11.0ohms], UM Pro 10)

Also, the noise floor is not something that I’ve noticed either. [Blind test with youtube silence video play / pause.]

That is, it’s a usable / passable DAC without much fuss.

There was a DAC change in the later batches, and I believe that’s when the on / off pop behaviour becomes audible. Not sure what DAC is shipped with 12th gen units these days.

With the HD560s, I’m guessing you’re not looking at a portable solution…so, if you WANT quality…external DACs is the way as always.

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I just plugged my own pair of 560s into my 12th gen batch 2 framework. The power on/off click (mine almost sounds like a beep) is very audible. The noise floor is also audible if you’re in a quiet room. In my office with someone running a weed-whacker outside, the noise floor is audible but I needed to focus to hear it, with the beep still being very audible. With sensitive IEM’s, all of these things become downright annoying.
All that said, I’d call it functional, but far from good. It’s definitely not worth using it with the intention to drive expensive headphones to listen for audio details. I personally tend to use a small USB-C DAC that came with my phone ages ago, because I usually use IEM’s with my laptop, and the tiny USB-C DAC’s are good enough for me while still being portable.

Oooh…I’m really starting to think that switching that DAC chip between early batches has a negative side-effect then.

Can anyone else with an 11th gen (batch 1 & 2) comment on audio power on / off ‘click/pop/beep’? I honestly don’t hear it…and I’m far from going deaf (AFAIK).

I’ve been thinking about getting dongle DAC…but there are so many options out there. Which one(s) are you using?

I have one of the later batch 11th Gen models that I got in April 2022 and a Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X (AKG K371 before that) and for me the audio is excellent. It gets more than loud enough at half volume, details/separation in music are good (I listen to metal) and the noise floor isn’t audible for me with either headphone. My normal listening level is between 60 and 70 db. I think people here are exaggerating the annoyance of the click/beep. Before I bought it I also read about these issues and was expecting much worse than what I got. While audible, the beep lasts less than a second and unless you’re listening at super high volumes, it’s a minor annoyance at best.

I had a Thinkpad X395 before and to me the jack of the Framework is louder, clearer and just overall better. I also own a Fiio BTR5 and an Apple USB C Dongle DAC which I tested against the Framework jack and found the differences in audio quality to be minimal and not worth paying attention to.

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One other thing to consider is that if you’re trying to use the 560s outside or in public, you’re going to have a pretty rough time, regardless of the quality of the laptop’s audio equipment. The 560s is open back, so they’re not a great time outside, for you or anyone around you.

For the benefit of any non-audio nerds reading this thread, there are two broad categories of headphones, closed and open back. Open backs literally have an open back on the earcup. This is done for audio nerd reasons that aren’t really germane to this thread. Look up “soundstage” if you’d like to know more. The important part is that when you listen to Britney Spears’ “Toxic” for the eighth time in a row, so is everyone else in the Starbucks with you. Conversely, whatever Top 40 pop Starbucks licensed to play in their stores this week will also come straight through for you, too. Closed backs literally have closed backs. This hurts its performance in terms of soundstage and other audio nerd things, but it also spares the other coffee shop patrons your marathon of 2003’s greatest pop hit and saves you from having to hear the inferior music of today.

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