Automating the keyboard backlight

Currently the backlight always stays on, even when idle. I would like to automate the way it works. My wishlist is the following:

  • Schedule backlight during nighttime hours.
  • Set a lower timeout when on battery.
  • Customize which keys are lighted, depending on the current application.
  • Add cool lighting effects (like Razor keyboards)
  • Disable backlight when connected to a dock

Sounds like a great suggestion for a feature request. It may require some sort of special software that is customized to work with the laptop board. But yeah, a breathing effect lighted keyboard on a Framework Laptop is interesting.


I think the best way to implement this is by exposing the keyboard backlight over HID (Which we have an interface already for the airplane mode and display backlight keys.) Section 15.22

I think this would allow backlight control from the OS.
This can also be used to expose Fn key state, and lock state to the OS as well.


I think it could be (more or less) easily implemented in software, either in the firmware and/or by exposing the backlight functionality over HID to the OS. Of course this will need a new firmware update, and since the EC is now open-source maybe it will be implemented pretty quickly

Here is my Framework with the breathing keyboard effect.


Now THIS, I have been working on! Linux doesn’t handle it properly (System Controller collection devices fail out if they don’t have axes like a game controller,) but it can easily be made to. Anyway, I added another descriptor to the hx20 HID block and am publishing the Fn state. I’ll push my branch. :slight_smile: