Batch 1 - Intel 12th - Guild

My 1280P DIY has finally been shipped today :heart_eyes:


Woohoo, out for delivery!

Edit: and it’s here!


Same :grimacing:

I have received and set up my laptop (I5-1240P DIY, 2 * 16 GB ram, bring your own SSD, shipping to the Netherlands).
For anyone in the future, here’s my timeline:

  • 19 May - Put in pre-order and cancelled 11th gen laptop ordered the day before
  • 18 June - Had support modify order to remove MicroSD expansion card and upgrade from 2 * 8GB to 2 * 16GB ram
  • 19 June - Had support modify order again because they forgot to remove the 2 * 8GB ram kit
  • 12 July - Received “We’re preparing to ship your batch” email send to everyone in Batch 1
  • 22 July - Received “We’re preparing to ship your order” email
  • 27 July - Framework tried to charge the remaining price for my laptop, but it failed because my payment provider (iDeal) requires every transaction to be authenticated by the payer at time of withdrawal
  • 28 July - I completed the payment
  • 29 July - Received “Order has shipped” email with tracking code
  • 30 July - Order picked up by FedEx in Taiwan, expected to arrive on the 3rd of August but quickly updated to the 4th of August
  • 2 August - Received notification of a delay in shipping, package less than an hour drive away from me, still expected to arrive on the 4th
  • 3 August - Package started moving again and arrived around 11:40, a day earlier than expected

I’m currently writing this on my laptop, here’s a few things I learned while setting it up:

  • Use the setup guide, most things in this list are also mentioned there
  • There’s one screw on the bottom that doesn’t come completely loose, instead clicking when it’s released. This is normal.
  • Insert the expansion cards until you hear a click, they’ll be ever so slightly recessed. Else you’ll pull out the card instead of your USB stick.
  • Plug in the charger before turning the laptop on for the first time, else it won’t do anything
  • Make sure to download the Windows 11 driver package for 12th gen, not 11th gen. There’s no 12th gen drivers for Windows 10.
  • Enter the BIOS from boot using F2 and do a one-time override of the boot device using F12 while booting. I expected del and F10, but those don’t work.

I hope everyone receives their order soon and enjoys their new laptop!


@Marro64 Wow, mine was picked up 3 days earlier than yours and still hasn’t arrived, I’m jealous!

Any Canadians received their laptop yet?

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Could someone confirme the biggest flaws of 1st generation are fixed with this 2022 FW?
Mainely : Rtc failure, wifi signal, module power drawn of 1,5w/h

Haven’t received mine yet. It used to be scheduled to deliver on the 4th August, but currently the package is stuck in Winnipeg since 11 AM because of a “Clearance delay”. Hopefully it won’t be stuck too long so that it can arrive as intended tomorrow.

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Same, with a new scheduled delivery date of “Pending”.

Big sad.

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Mine is still saying expected delivery today (changed from “before 12:00” to “end of day”), but it also just left Indianapolis at 9 am, so I’m not holding my breath.

Edit: Now it’s in Memphis.

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Got my laptop last night. Had to visit the local FedEx Express depo because I missed the delivery by 5 minutes. This is the first time FedEx has ever asked for a signature. My experience with FedEx’s “signature required” has been completely ignored by the delivery person.
Installed Linux Mint and getting things set up now. Woot.


I guess our laptops were on a date Walking in Memphis…

Just checked now and it’s in Winnipeg… the fuinny thing is it had to pass over canada to get to Indinapolis in the first place… at least it is in canada now…


Welp, my laptop (en route to San Francisco) has been stuck in customs in Alaska for 5 days now. Called FedEx and they said it’s in a queue and they don’t have any ETA of release. Has anybody else’s gotten through Alaska?

10 feet off of Beale!

Mine’s made it to Winnipeg also, with an updated delivery date of today before noon. I do not live in Winnipeg. I have to admit, this is some of the most detailed tracking I’ve ever seen - usually with Canada post things arrive before the info is even updated.

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Mine went through Anchorage a couple of days before yours. Don’t stress it, it’ll clear!


Mine is also in Winnipeg since a few days now. It’s stuck since two days in customs unfortunately… Hopefully the situation will resolve quickly.

TheTwistgibber has posted on a Reddit thread that:

We’re aware of the clearance delays that some customers are running into and our logistics team is in daily contact with Customs and FedEx to work to clear these and get shipments back on track. There’s no action required on your end and you should see movement on those orders shortly. Thanks so much for your patience.

And, as reply to a question:

Customs declarations for products produced overseas is complicated as is the paperwork. As this is our first time shipping products directly from our 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) partner in Taiwan directly to customers in the US and Canada (have already been doing this for the previous generation for Europe), there seems to have been some confusion by Customs on the import documentation and classifications. This will all get sorted shortly, and once it is, things will be flowing smoothly. We had a similar issue when we started international shipments for Europe and now things are flowing without issue. These unfortunate speed bumps are common in international logistics, especially in the very beginning.


We can Hope … I got asked to work on some things… And could really use the flexability of A laptop to get that done.

So hoping this gets fixed quickly.

FedEx had delivered my laptop to a neighbour and didn’t bother to specify which one… After some asking around I found out which one and I’ll be able to pick it up next monday. Very excited!

I think your machine and mine must be in the exact same shipment, my shipment tracker history is identical to yours (I’m also located in the Bay Area). Bummer :frowning: Hopefully things clear up and we get them next week!

Looks like my laptop will be stuck in the frozen tundra of Winnipeg for a week at minimum, poor thing.

I hope it’s not there A week… I really want to get it to…