Batch 1 - Intel 12th - Guild

Who’s in the 12th gen batch 1? (Similar format to the batch 2 thread)

Share your system configuration, whether it’s the DIY version or not, or only the board. July is coming up soon…wonder when shipping will start.

Looking forward to your reviews!

  • Received Payment Details Confirmation Notification
  • Payment Completed
  • Received Shipping Notification with Tracking Details

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I am Batch 1 for i7-1260P DIY. I’ll be using a 2TB Platinum P41 SSD and 32GB of Kingston Fury DDR4-3200.


Batch 1 for i5-1240P DIY. Already have in hand a 500GB WD Black Gen4 and 64GB G.Skill Ripjaws 3200.

Patiently waiting!

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Haven’t ordered the RAM and SSD yet, figured they’re quick to get once the laptop is shipping notice comes in.

Another DIY i5-1240P over here! The wait has got me feeling a little antsy—too much time spent reading forums and second-guessing myself—but I’m putting any doubts aside until I can try it for myself! Hope to see shipments start early next month :crossed_fingers:


I’m in batch 1 for a i7-1280P DIY laptop with a 1TB WD Black SN850 NVMe drive and 64 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, along with 1 of the DisplayPort, HDMI, and microSD expansion cards, and 2 of the USB-A and USB-C expansion cards.

Will be running Pop!_OS on my laptop and doing mostly systems engineering work with it (lots of Rust!) alongside some occasional gaming.

Very excited to receive my laptop!


Batch 1 - i7-1280P DIY Edition.

Already got 64GB of DDR4-3200 SK Hynix laying around. Propably going for a 980 Pro 2TB or SN850 2TB as the system drive.

Gonna install Ubuntu 22.04 with ZFS + Full Disk Encryption

Excited to replace my not so well aged XPS 13 9370 (i7-8550U + 16GB). Interested in how the Frameworks 3:2 2K screen compares to the XPS 13’s 4K Cinema Display.


DIY i5-1240P, will be supplying my own SSD (probably 2TB) and RAM (32GB) and using it mostly for personal projects and general “internet in the living room” things using Ubuntu and maybe Windows 11.

Sold my first generation M1 MacBook to buy this as that thing is really just a big iPad with a full sized keyboard and not fit for my purposes.

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i7-1260P DIY w/ 2x8GB and my own 1TB 980 Pro.

Can’t wait but I guess it won’t arrive in July, what do you guys think?

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i7-1260P DIY with 1TB SSD and my own 2x16GB RAM.

Can’t wait to receive it too. I believe that it will arrive bt the end of this month.

Btw, please, since everyone is waiting (quite hopelessly), can the company provide at least information about with step you are working on? Are you having problems with supply chain disruption? Are you just waiting for administration approvals? Or maybe another problem? We will be happy to know. Thanks.

i5-1240P DIY with 2x16GB ram and seperately bought Samsung 980 1TB. Also got 2x USB-A, 2x USB-C and 1x HDMI expansion cards.
I plan to use it with an Aorus 1070 Gaming Box while at my desk although the GPU in it is dead so we’ll see what I end up with.
This will become my main device for college and in my dorm, leaving my old PC at my parent’s place for when I’m visiting. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can replace my current laptop which, after the iGPU takes its share, only has 6GB of ram left.

I’m even more impatient because I’d finally ordered basically the same laptop but 11th gen after months of deliberating, only to receive the announcement for 12th gen the very next day…

If the process is going to be anything like a year ago, people will start to get an email notification first asking them to ensure the payment details are current and accurate. Then, a few days later, Framework will attempt to charge the credit card / payment method on file. If payment is successful, the laptop will be sent out within another few days.

So, has anyone got any payment details confirmation reminders?

I got a DIY i7 1260p probably going to use this mostly for writing and a computer away from the desk.
Have 32Gigs of 3200mhz DDR 4 ready to go… I know it’s overkill for writing but I got the kit on a good sale.
Looking at a Saberant Rocket 1TB.

It will be nice to have a computer that I can use with out a desk

Not received anything yet - ordered mine from UK. going for 1240p 16gb RAM DIY model

Now that close to mid of July, has anyone received notifications related to payment or new updates related to batch1 shipping?

I’m also curious if anyone knows if they’ll hit their July ship dates. I’m in Batch 1, but I’ll be leaving the US in the beginning of August, so if they don’t hit their original shipping target, I guess I’ll have to end up cancelling.

Just got my email about them starting the batch, very excited!


I’m here to also confirm that I received my email about my batch 1 order confirmation.


Updated OP with a poll.

If I’m not mistaken, you’ll be able to re-vote again if you are going through other stages as well. (Multi-select is allowed)

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The first option is a little ambiguous. I marked it, but I got the email about preparing the whole batch which theoretically everyone got. It does include a comment about checking my payment method is correct but it isn’t the email sent 1-2 days before they actually charge me individually.