Batch 5: November Recipients Unite!

I’m assuming mine will start it’s journey today, but so far still marked as ‘shipping info sent to fedex’.

Status update:
Ordered on November 6th.
“Preparing to ship” email received on November 23rd.
“Your order is shipping soon” email received & credit card charged on November 29th.

As others have experienced, the “shipping soon” message went to my spam folder.

Oct 22 Order confirmation
Nov 1 Preparing to ship your batch
Nov 23 Preparing to ship your order. Will charge cc in next few business days.
Nov 29 CC charged.

Somethings happening…

My order did finally get accepted to fedex… it made it’s way to NEWVILLE, PA first… 149 miles away from SWEDESBORO, NJ on the shipping manifest.

New estimated delivery day is: Friday 12/3/2021.

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Fedex just dropped off mine at the door. Finally!!

It was picked up late last Wednesday and Fedex estimated delivery on Sunday but then it sat in a trailer for two days.

History (Central US Time):
10/26 3:44 PM - Order confirmation email
11/01 1:28 PM - Preparing to ship your batch email
11/01 2:18 PM - Updated order to add expansion cards
and update confirmed within 3 minutes
11/19 7:53 PM - Preparing to ship your order email
11/21 11:14 PM - Card charged - shipping soon email
11/24 5:44 PM - Your order has shipped email
11/30 1:15 M - Delivered!!!

I’m so looking forward to putting this together!

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i5 was ordered on Oct. 15th.
Card was charged Nov 18th.
Laptop shipped on Nov 29th.
I was checking the tracking info just now. Looks like I just got my first FedEx shipping delay!
Dec 1 Update: Fed Ex sent it to Tennessee instead of Toronto.
Update 2: I just got my second delay notice from Fedex.

Have any of the i7-1165 recipients gotten their shipping notification?

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  1. No, and
  2. My card has been charged but my order page still says “Pre-order placed.”

So I dunno what’s happening at the moment, still hopeful to be a “November recipient” :stuck_out_tongue:


@Peter_Conrad I doubt it would come the same day if it ships today LOL would be a nice dream though.

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@Erick_Flores, I’m in the same boat. My card has been charged, but I have not received a shipping notice.

The charge is still shown on my bank’s website as “pending”, so I believe that means Framework has not shipped the laptop and therefore they have not yet finalized the credit card charge.

My order on Framework’s website still says “Pre-order Placed”. No change in that status for a while.


Card got charged last week (24 nov) and still nothing about the shipping… It still says “Pre-order placed” on my account :/. I do wonder if anything happened to the units since last week, and if the framework team could be transparent about that… Some people seemed to have their shipping email 2 days after their card got charged and I do understand that there was Thanksgiving last week so I thought it would have shipped yesterday or today. Maybe it is Fedex that is already hoverwelmed by everything they need to ship for the holidays?

Yeah, same here. FedEx sure has picked some odd little towns to transfer trucks at…

Intel i7-1165G7 DIY
Order Date: Oct 31, 2021
Preparing Batch: Nov 1, 2021
Preparing to Ship Order: Nov 23, 2021
Card Charged: Nov 29, 2021

Still no shipping notice and Order still shows as status: Pre-Order Placed


@Jon_Doe yeah, that’s quite close to my situation as well.

Ordered: 10/27 (My order page says 28 tho)
Preparing Batch: 11/01
Preparing to Ship Order: 11/19
Shipping Soon (Card Charged): 11/23

Still haven’t received my shipping notice. Kinda worries me since it’s been over a week now since I got charged. Still, I’m very excited and hopeful!

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No worries. they charged me the rest of my balance on Nov 23 and shipped it Nov 27. Fedex estimates the delivery will be tomorrow, here’s hoping!


Well, at least you got a status update and expedited shipping. Nothing for me after card charged on 11/29, and we are already in December :slightly_frowning_face:

And before you ask, I have checked my spam folder :man_shrugging:

Edit: It was finally shipped this afternoon, scheduled to arrive next Monday!

DIY i7
Ordered: 10/29
Preparing to Ship: 11/23
Card Charged: 11/29
Shipped: 12/2

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Mine just got shipped!

Mine just shipped too!

And mine shipped today too. With FedEx 2-day shipping. Should be here on Friday :crossed_fingers: