Batch 5: November Recipients Unite!

I got mine yesterday (do it yourself version). Assembly was easy, everything worked out of the box. Installed Linux Mint 20.2 Edge edition which booted right up and appears to be working fine. Love it! ( i7 32g of memory)

Well, cruel fate… Mine’s finally arrived - but because of work and other obligations I’m not going to get a chance to do more than peek inside the box until tomorrow.

Order Confirmation: 11/03/2021
Full card charge/ “Preparing to ship” email: 11/19/2021
“Shipping soon!” email: 11/23/2021
“Order shipped” email: 11/23/2021
(pause for USA Thanksgiving)
Arrival: 12/03/2021

DIY Edition
Intel wifi card
500gb WD Black NVMe
Single stick of 16gb RAM
Power adapter
250gb expansion card + USBA+USBC+HDMI

Stay strong, fellow Batch5ers! Enjoy the shivering with antici…pation!

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My Laptop arrived today! Assembled quickly and hoping to get Pop!_OS to boot soon!

for anyone still waiting, my order page still says pre-order confirmed with a link to cancel pre-order (lol), and I got no emails after the “we’ll charge your card in the next few days” email. yes i checked spam/junk folders.

My laptop arrived yesterday out of the blue.


It’s worth the wait. It’s a very nice laptop!

Installation of NVMe and RAM was easy. Installing the WiFi module was a little tricky, mostly because I was not familiar with that type of connector used for the antenna wires. I just took it slow and eventually they popped into place. It took several attempts to get the module fully installed.

Installed Fedora 35 to ensure video, sound, and WiFi worked well. Then tried installing a couple other less well known distros, but had trouble with those. So I’ve decided to stay with Arch Linux (same as my desktop).

Went and bought a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to simplify the installation of Arch. I really want an Ethernet port on the laptop, or at least an expansion module.

Now comes the joy of installing and tweaking the desktop environment.

Laptop arrived. what @John_in_NH said is exactly right: the WiFi is tricky, but everything else is pretty straightforward. I got Ubuntu 21.10 installed and now I’m getting it set up the way I like it. Seems very nice so far. Hang in there November Recipients!


It’s not great if they aren’t keeping up with sending out tracking numbers and updating status. Do they have you sign for delivery?

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My laptop arrived, I’m soo excited! Full timeline below!

Ordered: 10/27 (My order page says 28 tho)
Preparing Batch: 11/01
Preparing to Ship Order: 11/19
Shipping Soon (Card Charged): 11/23
Shipped: 11/29
Delivered: 12/06 (Was expected on 12/01 but got delayed due to importing, in Canada here)

Quick note about the shipped notice: A few people were getting issues about not receiving a shipping notice, and since it had been over a week since I had been charged (this was on 12/01), I contacted them to research this possibility, and on 12/03 they confirmed that it had been shipped and sent me the shipping notice.

According to their knowledge base, there is no sign on delivery.
For me though, I did end up having to talk to the delivery man, and I’m not sure if he would have dropped it off if I wasn’t there to pick it up. That may just be me though, FedEx works strangly near me.

DIY Laptop arrived first thing this morning.
Very excited, although really do not need the distraction from work.
Opened the box … and only the laptop chassis.
No SSD, RAM, WiFi ,Powerbar or any expansion cards (5 ordered).

I did open up the laptop to see if they sent a non-DIY to me by mistake — but nope… just the barebones (with the correct i7 processor) – I think the lack of powerbar and expansion cards were the omen that it was a shipping screw-up.

Talk about a let down. Submitted a support ticket immediately.
Mistakes happen.
I have been impressed with Framework’s ordering support – very responsive.
Let’s see how they handle this one.

The positive? This ain’t distracting me from work today.

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Wifi and expansion cards were in a separate brown padded envelope on the main box in my shipment, not in the framework fancy box. Could easily be mistaken for manuals or a warranty packet or something. Did you get a separate envelope?

Thanks. I have watched numerous unboxing youtube videos. I was expecting a separate envelope. Only thing in the box was the main chassis box. No power pack boxes, and only one shipping manifest, listing the one piece (box) that was included in the main shipping box.

This is an obvious shipping/packing screw up.

Can you make sure you specified not I will bring my own.

Can you make sure you specified not I will bring my own.

– Like “bring by own” expansion cards?

What was not included (listed above) was in my order, and order confirmation, and what I paid for.

It was a packing/shipping error, plain and simple — Chris from Framework’s support team has already contacted me and is on it. I anticipate the remainder of my order will be shipped out – hopefully today.

Mistakes happen. How a company responds to a mistake is the true test.
Like I said: Framework’s team is on it.

My posts are not a complaint; can’t change what has already occurred.

What I expect is Framework to continue to be very professional in their dealings - as has been the my observations throughout.

The big downside is I have this incredibly beautiful laptop in my possession … but cannot do anything with it ---- sorta like sitting in the drivers seat of a great car … but having to make the engine noises yourself. Wrrrrroooom Wrrroooom.


In the same boat. Ordered mine on Oct. 27, and made a small adjustment to my configuration on Nov. 9. Got the “preparing to ship” on Nov. 23 and charged on Nov. 29. Nothing since.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation based on the configuration I chose, though it’s a little frustrating seeing batch 6 orders already shipping out.

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Sometimes the laptop arrives before tracking, wait till the 10th and contact support.

And just got the shipping notification. Estimated delivery on Wednesday!

Me too, with the estimated date of delivery, probably will not come as its in Pennsylvania since Saturday and needs to go to Florida.

I just got my shipping info too. Scheduled for Wednesday delivery.

Ordered mine on Oct 21. Received my laptop today.

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