Batch 8 Guild

I had exactly the same customs issue as DeliriousTarnish described, also to Germany. I’ve contacted Framework Support yesterday and they’ve since escalated my ticket. I’m currently waiting to hear back from them.
If that takes too long (customs gave me a deadline…) I guess I’ll submit the same details and documentation to DHL myself and keep my fingers crossed for the best.

Let’s see how this proceeds!

Funny enough the invoice on the outside of the package clearly states, that it was sent by Framework. No idea how they could not get that. It doesn’t even state any logistics partner explicitly …

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I’m curious if a replacement hinge fixes the issue for you. I replaced the hinge on mine and still see this issue (display slowly falls to 180 even at rest) which makes me wonder if something else is at play or I just got unlucky twice.

Definetely unlucky, I haven’t had this problem at all. The screen only moves when i grab and move the laptop quickly. But while it is still, it won’t move at all.

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Just a cheerful note.
My Framework came with a ‘German’ rather than UK keyboard.
I have just received the replacment ‘input cover’ which was a doddle to replace, and gave me an option to scan the inside.

All the best to this community and upstream providers.

Did you send back the original keyboard?
Or did they tell you to keep it?
Shipping to taiwan cant be that cheap i guess

I’ve been send a ‘returns label’ pdf to print, and it is to be sent to the European repair centre in Germany :slight_smile:

Exciting! That must mean that the Marketplace can’t be too far off for Europe now :slight_smile:


Can’t come far enough, I’ve got some expansion cards to buy!


Agreed! Suddenly thinking I need a few more USB-C and USB-A cards for a start! Funny how plans change as soon as you start using these laptops! All the possibilities suddenly appear.

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Hi there, mine arrived about 2 weeks ago, no issue with DHL in France.

I’ve been running into issues with microphone, see posts below :

Has anyone else in Batch 8 been having issue with microphone/camera module?

The replacement hinges have more force and the problem is gone, so it seems to be pure luck if you get tighter hinges atm.

The wobbly screen is a design flaw… I realized this when changing the hinges. When you have a look at screw points you see that the hinge at the top point of base has only a hole for the keyboard screw to pass through. So when you open and close the screen you see that the whole hinges move a little up and down because of there shape… so this cannot be fixed.


Finally got to it and I’m happy with it! :slight_smile: Strange thing that even though I ordered DIY, I got it already assembled. One of the screws is a bit off, but still screws tight in.

How so? One of the screws is a “pusher” screw that will kind of pop like it’s cross-threaded, but that’s by design. It gives the cover a little push, enough to open a gap.


Ah, its on purpose? Didn’t occur to me when I was unscrewing it. :slight_smile: Great, then!


Yes, there are 5 screws, 4 captive (retained) screws and one “lifter” screw. :slightly_smiling_face:

Step 3:

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Bottom left from underneath to help lift the input panel presumably :slight_smile:


Ha! Nice. I was going to take some time to “fix” this screw, but I’ll leave it for now.

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The keyboard panel has magnets to hold it down so it stays in place even when unscrewed. So the pusher screw gives you a bit of access space to easily pull the panel off.

Did any of you get your preparing for payment notification just at the end of the month? Or was every framework sent just at the end of the month?