Batch 8 Guild

wohooooo, its finally here :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: Very excited to be part of the movement from within the EU. I went with the i5 + 32GB RAM, will bring my own storage and planning to put Debian + KDE on it – what will be your config?


Fellow Guild member from Germany here :blush:

My config:
i5 with my own storage & RAM (16GB & 500GB)
Will likely put Fedora on it (default w/ Gnome)

What expansion cards did you guys go for?
My personal choice: 2xUSB-A 2xUSB-C 1xHDMI for a bit of flexibility.


UK supporter here.

My build:

  • i5 CPU
  • 16GB single RAM (leaving a slot for future expansion)
  • My own storage (Crucial P5 Plus 500GB)
  • Windows 10 Home (need it for works)

I have selected 2×USB-C, 1×HDMI and 1×MicroSD (farewell USB-A😌).

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Hi from germany

  • i5CPU
  • my own RAM(not quite sure if 16GB single channel vs 32gb dual channel vs 16gb dual channel)
  • 1tb samsung evo 970
  • propably win 10

i went for 1x usb A, 1x usb C 1x microSD and 1x HDMI, but I will get an ethernet one, as soon as I can get, or maybe make one, if it wont be available

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Interesting, so many i5 users here.
I initially wanted to go for the i7, but 370€ is a lot of money for such a small performance boost :see_no_evil:


UK order over here.


  • I7-1165G7
  • 1 x 32GB
  • 2TB SN850


  • 1 x USB-A (How I’ve missed this)
  • 1 x USB-C
  • 1 x HDMI (Again, how I’ve missed this!)
  • 1 x MicroSD

I’m thinking either PopOS, Nix, or Windows 11.


DIY UK order here


32gb 3200
(2x Kingston FURY Impact 16GB 3200MHz)


1x 1TB Storage
1x DiaplayPort
2x USB-A
2x USB-C

To be decided

Operating system:
Linux mint cinnamon

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I hope Framework is gonna add AMD Ryzen series in the future; will pick that over Intel any day, far better value for money.

I have just placed my order to Germany.

I went for the i5 model because for me €370 for the i7 with only a little bit more performance is too much. I’ll bring my own SSD (Kingston A2000, 1TB) and RAM (2x32 GB G.Skill Ripjaws).

Expansion cards are 3x USB-C, 1x USB-A and 1x HDMI.

To be used with Linux Mint (for now).

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Yeaah, I just ordered 20 hours after email came in. So does that mean I am still on the first EU batch?
Also, does anyone know if Wifi is shipped on EU orders by default. On the US page you can select Wifi, Wifi Pro or none for

the DIY.
On the German order page it is not listed to be included for the preconfigured ones as well as there is no selection possible for the DIY. It does not hurt it is 15€, but I would like to know if I need to order Wifi extra or not.
US DIY order page

DE shop missing Wifi selection

@Daniel_R Wifi is included on the DIY version in Europe. Too many support tickets with people having issues installing it in the US and Canada.


Thanks @Avendor I over read it in the email. @Framework Wouldn’t hurt to have a hint / text in the order process to make this clear.

French enthusiast here,


1 x 16GB
1TB SN850


2 x USB-A
1 x USB-C
1 x HDMI

OS : ubuntu for a start, maybe windows 11 later for office full compatibility

Hoping the best for Framework in EU and everywhere, that is the kind of game-changer we need ! :slight_smile:


Hi there!
Fellow Austrian here.
A friend of mine who lives in Germany will forward it to me.

I’ve gone with the i7-1165G7, 2x8GB’s of RAM, no OS and Hard Drive, because I have a Samsung 980 EVO 1TB lying around and will be using Linux.
More specifically Kubuntu, Manjaro KDE or EndeavourOS KDE. (will have to test it out on the machine to see which one I go with)

Maybe I’ll later add a 250GB storage expansion card and’ll install Windows 10 onto it, but this is just for school as we’ll probably need to use AutoCAD next year, and running it in a Virtual Machine is no option.

Best luck with everyone else’s experience in the EU with this fabulous thing! :smiley:


Hi all,

Another batch 8’er here! I maxed out pretty much everything, but kept just 1TB for the drive as that’s plenty, and more I find parodoxically worse because backups become more complicated. Other than that, I can’t wait! Find it amusing that my laptop now has twice the RAM (64GB) as my desktop!


Just placed my Batch 8 order that will be forwarded with Huifkar to The Netherlands from Germany (Total of 62,50 euros extra, 40 handling and 22,50 insured shipping). Went with DIY i7. Going to use the 32GB ram and 1TB 970 EVO from my current laptop, going to go with Fedora definitely, now those 2 months will start to feel very long.


I’m confused. Aren’t they still taking batch 6 orders? When is batch 8?

another german guild member here, i went for:

  • i5
  • my own 2x8GB 3200 DDR4 Crucial RAM
  • my own Samsung 980 Pro 1TB SSD
  • 2x USB-C
  • 1x USB-A
  • 1x microSD
  • 1x 250GB storage

OS-wise, I’ll probably go with something Debian-based, maybe Kubuntu. I can’t wait for February!


Batch 6 (and logically Batch 7 as well) are for US/CA customers only, Batch 8 includes UK/FR/GER and will (hopefully) ship in February