Battery Charge Optioms

Will there be an option in the bios that allows to set the charge level of the battery?
Options like: Full Charge, Balanced and preserve Battery life would be great. Charging Li-Ion/Polymer batteries to only 80% and discharging them to ~10-20% greatly expands their lifetime.


Good idea. I think some linux distro might have this feature.

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We have this exposed in the EC, but need to work on exposing this to the bios/user applications to make it usable.


Agree with this, the Samsung I’m using now has an 85% limit option, which gives me a large amount of the battery while reducing decay significantly.

Can one activate in the bios the option to charge the battery only up tu 80%?
This can increase the battery lifetime dramatically and is a must have for any sustainable laptop concept, imho.

I agree that this would be a good feature to have (I would have liked my Spectre x360 14t to have it), but I really don’t see myself using it with Framework since I can easily replace the battery if it ever does degrade enough that it bothers me. So, nice to have, but shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.