Battery degradation

Yes the One year American brand ??

Still If you read those links, especially mine, the last one, you will see the detail that a) It wasn’t as designed so knock 2 % off and you have 9% in a year and that’s about expected

b) do a rundown and full charge as I have done twice and in my case the wear decreased each time, though it took a few days to show.

Thanks, I will take a look at the links. It would be nice if they were able to get a battery with higher density, however on the upside it only takes 3 minutes to pop in a new battery. Sure beats my old Surface Pro 4 for repairability. LOL

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I miss 5 seconds for a battery swap.

This is one of the handful of Intel 11th gen laptops still with modular battery:
FZ-55 MK2

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