Running Framework 13 off wall power only?

Hey guys! I wanted to ask if there was any option to disconnect the battery so that the laptop can run off the wall. Im trying to host a minecraft server off my laptop and don’t want the battery to be damaged.

There is an option in the BIOS where you can limit charge.

But batteries are not really “damaged” simply from being plugged in. Li-ions require charge controllers that do not keep charging forever. It is true though that staying at a higher charge level long term will cause increased wear, and might also increase the risk of issues.

If this is something you will be doing temporarily or off and on, I agree with MJ1 that the best option is probably to set a charge limit in the BIOS. This will protect the battery.

If this will be a semi-permanent setup, you could still set the charge limit at like 50% and it would probably be totally fine. On the other hand, there is a “standalone” mode as well. This will allow the computer to work without a battery.

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