Battery: Leave laptop on charger with battery charge limit

I recently got my new Framework laptop, and I was wondering if leaving it on the charger all the time would have problems if I use the setting to limit the battery charge to 60%?

Would it damage the battery life more than letting it discharge to 20% and then charging it back to 60%, than keeping it always plugged in at 60%

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My understanding is with the limit, you’re good to leave it connected indefinitely if you wanted since the laptop floats the charge for you in a safe range for the battery’s health. Mine is set at 85% so I can grab and go when I need it. I don’t leave mine connected full-time when not in use, but sometimes I leave it connected for days. Nice not having to worry about it.

@Lamy f you keep it at 60% the theory is there will be no cycles and ‘should’ last forever, however it’s the temperature that is the killier. Whether you warm it up by charging from 20 to 60 or keep it at 60 ??

At 60 the battery will be swiching between small changes and the power chip will be on continuosly creating heat.

If you charge from 20 to 60 whilst using you will get cpu heat and charging heat.

The difference may not be easy to assess.

Although keeping it charge to any point would as mentioned not record any cycles the monitoring may get increasingly inaccurate.

I originally kept the charge between 20 and 80 and noted the wear at one point reached 7% after 2 or 3 months. Concerned I now run it for about 6 hours a day plugged in and charging to 78%.

Still I now monitor the ‘wear’ daily. A few times I have discharged an charged to 100 before going back to my 78%

There are graphs and details in this Topic

You can also read up more . . . did you not search before created a new topic ???

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