Battery draining while charging under heavy load while plugged in

Has anyone else noticed their FW16 laptop battery draining while plugged in with the 180w charger when under heavy load such as playing video games?


System: Ryzen™ 7 7840HS

Expansion Bay System

Expansion Bay Module: Graphics Module (AMD Radeon™ RX 7700S)

OS: Fedora 39

This is a known and unfortunately “expected” behavior. Until 240W chargers hit the market, the FW 16 can draw more power under load than the power supply can deliver.

I don’t mean expected as in a consumer expects it, I mean the max power draw is greater than 180W, and FW has admitted this on a post somewhere.


I’m more worried about the fact the power supply gets too hot to even touch after a long gaming session.

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too hot to touch is about 50°C, to hot for power electronics is usually 125°C. So it’s fine.


When playing the witcher 3 at 1080 and 60 fps, does it have this behavior?

Because it is not a “heavy” game

Is it sure that the 240 w charger will solve it? Has Marco confirmed it?

I’m running windows 11, playing Darktide at 1080p limited to 62fps, with mixed settings, my battery does not drain, even after several hours.

I’ve run FO4 and Skyrim too, but those aren’t demanding enough to cause drain.
Helldiver’s 2 when unlimited did cause drain, but at around 62fps limit again did not appear to drain.