Random fps / power drop in game

I am testing various games on fw16.
I noticed some issue with power draw where it will suddenly locked the power to around 30w and suddenly lost significant amount of FPS.
Games that I have tested that exhibit such problems, so far:
Apex Legends, Helldiver, Forza Horizon 5.
Any one else have the same issue?

I just did my first gaming session on my new 16 and experienced something similar. I’m not sure about the 30w power draw and how to verify that, but experienced a major drop in fps and seemed like it was really choppy. This was in both Destiny 2 and Dead by Daylight. Not sure what the cause is. Being limited by power does seem to fit.

my temporary solution was to unplug and plug in immediately after it start to lag. but my ultimate solution was to get a 240w charger. I am doing a project on this right now.

Interesting I’m curious what your results are. I’ll give the replug a try next time, thank you.