Battery-PD adapter for standalone Mainboards

Howdy Folks! Been looking to create a NAS using my 1135g7 board and Im wondering if anyone has found any use for the battery connector. Im looking for an adapter to use the battery connector as a USB-C PD port, this would be used to power the machine without using the main USB-C ports on the mainboard. As well as my use case, im sure many people would appreciate freeing up a Expansion card slot on their Mini-Pc. Could anybody help me with Prototyping one of these. Id love for it to input and output power using the 10 pin power connector.

Based on the GitHub The connector is an ACES 50459-010H0M0-001
After reading through WAY too many ACES connectors to triple check, it mates with an 50459-xxxHxMx-002 housing. in order to make this adapter, all I have to do is terminate the correct wires for a female USB-C PD port. If there’s anything wrong with this let me know.

Alternatively, i believe it could be possible to terminate it to a 4 pin pcie/CPU connector such as these for small form factor cases using a desktop power supply.

Here is my Nas project, it stalled for a bit because of power issues but this portion I think deserves its own thread.

I found what i believe could be a suitable alternative to the ACES Spec, which is not available to the end user. a very similar Wurth housing can be found on various websites.

Assuming you want to provide power to the mainboard through this connector

Unfortunately not.

This connector expects the normal battery voltage, which is not fixed, but varies with charge.
The battery voltage is 17.6V according to the schematic.

I guess you could use a PD trigger board and supply 17.6V and 3.5A for at least 60W of power. In theory that could work, then you provide power directly to the internal charger circuit of the mainboard, which should provide power to the internal voltage supplies.

However, apart from the battery (power) wires, the battery connector also features 4 signals, see the battery drawing.
2 of these I think are just (boolean) signals. The other 2 I think are for the System Management Bus.
How these should be connected to make it work? No clue.
Will it work without these? Also no clue. But I would not bet on it without more documentation. It could also lead to unexpected side effects if you don’t connect them.

Personally, I’d just use 1 of the available USB-C inputs.

Assuming you want to provide power to an extra USB-C port through this connector

Please don’t.

This will possibly connect 17.6V directly to the USB-C port. It will either simply not work or break thinks.

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Thanks for the advice! good to hear early so i dont fry my mainboard and drives XD

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Did you tried that Wurth housing?
Did it work?

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As far as I can tell from the Wurth data sheet it isn’t the right size - being 4.5mm height as opposed to 1.85mm for the ACES

I’m asking a few suppliers if they can get me the ACES connectors - and if so in amount under 100pcs. If so I’ll pop up an ebay listing so others can buy them from me.

I have found a distributor, but MOQ is still high…

What is the moq on there?

Also - did you figure out if there is any difference between part number ending 001 and 002?