Sourcing for battery connectors?

I have an idea for a removable framework 13 battery enclosure, that adapts the ACES 50459 connector to a 10-pin blade-style battery connector, as seen about a decade ago on laptops that still had externally removable/swappable batteries.

There would also naturally be a matching reverse PCB that would connect to the mainboard with a 50459 connector, and have a receiving connector for the blade connector on the battery.

This would not be for a standard framework chassis, and would be more aimed at those looking to make their own enclosures to accommodate the additional space needed to accomplish this.

Now for the hangup, the ACES 50459, and accompanying 50458 board connector are unobtanium on parts retailers such as Digikey or Mouser

I have reached out to ACES to see if they’ll sell to a private individual but I imagine their minimum order quantity is far more than I’d be interested in purchasing, both in quantity and total order price.

If any Framework staff are reading this, would it be possible for you to sell these through your store so we can more easily access them?