BIOS : Feature Request : Ability to fully turn off the power/fingerprint sensor light

Feature Request : BIOS

I’d like to have the ability to not only turn the light down / low but completely off. I work in a video production studio and stray light coming from various devices is distracting when working. We try to keep the studio space as dark as possible when doing editing and the screens are set to the lowest working brightness to give the highest dynamic range.

I’d like to have the ability to fully turn off all lights, including the power/fingerprint sensor. Right now it’s constantly glowing and one of the brighter lights ( and BLUE – the worst color ). The only option I have at the moment is to cover the whole sensor with a piece of dark tape or keep the Framework laptop closed.

If we could have full control from Linux and Windows through a driver for full customization it would be the best possible solution – but just controlling it via the BIOS is the minimum viable solution.


I actually don’t see why the keyboard light couldn’t (optionally?) also control the backlighting on the power button.

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See discussion in this thread:

In beta BIOS, there is a lower brightness option, but no “off” yet.

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Any update on this? If the code is here to lower the brightness in BIOS, shouldn’t it be relatively easy to add an option to turn it off altogether?

This is one of the biggest cons I have encountered with the framework 13 so far. Wish it gets fixed soon :crossed_fingers:


Checking if there is any update on this for windows, I want to be able to turn off the fingerprint sensor light. Currently, I have to cover the fingerprint sensor with tape, making the sensor useless. Please add this requested feature! Edit: windows

On Linux, this is already possible by running sudo fw-ectool led power off.

(use sudo fw-ectool led power auto to restore to the default behavior)

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