Power button LED - Possibility to turn off in future updates?

Sure, a piece of blackout tape would do it but, why? If there’s any possibility in a future software update to make the power button LED square be either dimmer or completely turned off while powered on would be a nice feature when using the machine in a dark room. Certainly if using it while watching any kind of video where it wouldn’t be as distracting as a pimple!


Ik on the 13 you can dim the brightness of the LED in the bios.

It’s the same on the 16 but there is only low, medium and high, no off setting.

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I would also be in favor of this option.

I am bothered by eye strain when there is any kind of light in my field of view if I’m trying to concentrate on anything else.
I’m hoping the FL16 (Batch 16) minimum brightness will be low enough for me and anything lit between me and the screen will not help.

I know the computer is on, I’m currently using it. Why do I need a little light to let me know about it? (Especially when the rest of the keyboard backlight is off.) Seems a little redundant and wasteful of that precious battery life. I do, however, like that it pulses when it’s asleep, that’s pretty handy.
Now if it could flash when I get a notification or if the battery dips below a threshold, that would be awesome.

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The low setting is not really that low. I get that it is lit up so you can locate it to use it (maybe for future implementation or something)

I agree the pulsating is a nice effect.

Having it be barely visible for those of us using the computer in a dark environment would be a nice case for “low”. The current low is really what I would think of as medium.

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