BIOS feature requests (12th gen)


I don’t know if there is a place for this but couldn’t find a suitable thread. I have two requests for future BIOS upgrades.

  1. Separate user and admin password. Not sure why it’s not already available, it’s a standard function in my experience.
  2. Low power state at the password prompt. When my laptop restarts, for exemple after installing an update, and it sits at the boot bios password stage, the laptop runs very hot and the fans might speed up a lot. Is there a reason for the laptop to run hot at boot?


  1. A separate password for the bios? I havent used a bios password ever before, but to me that sounds pretty niche. Are there any viable usecases except for company environments?
  2. Under the Advanced Tab there is an option called “Boot performance mode”. Not entirely sure on what it does, but it reads like it could be what you are looking for.

There’s a thread here: [Collection] Wishlist Framework (Company & products)

For me it would be enabling more precise control in the BIOS like power limits, PL1, PL2 durations etc.