BIOS issue with Intel 12th gen

Hello - I wanted to see if the AMD boards are subjected to the same BIOS issues that have been plaguing the Intel boards. I currently have the 13 with a 12th gen board and have been thinking about switching to the AMD board, and with this BIOS issue, I’ll probably switch if this is an Intel-only issue. I’d heard about this online and was only able to find this article - Framework’s software and firmware have been a mess, but it’s working on them | Ars Technica

Apologies for anything that was mis-stated above - it’s not intentional, just ignorance. Thanks in advance :blush:

When you say “BIOS Issues” do you simply mean the slow pace of updates? If so, there hasn’t been that much time between release and now compared to Intel FW launch dates. Having said that, there have been updates but AFAIK, they use the same basic process for software development for the BIOS so I don’t know why you would think the brand of processor would change anything for you.

Relevant thread for you

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But that thread relates to AMD processors, where this thread is about Intel 12th gen processors.

@Alan_Pearce the thread is relevant as a comparison point between how FW handles BIOS releases between vendor

i may need to re-phrase my post - i think i might have worded things wrong. i know that the chip vendors do updates when they can, i think i should have said vendors. the article that i pasted in my post mentions how Dell has done 14 updates and Lenovo has done 13 for the laptops of theirs that use the same 12th gen Intel chip that i have in my Framework, in the same time that Framework has done a fraction of them. and yes, i realize that Dell and Lenovo are multi-billion dollar companies and Framework is obviously not.
i’m not really concerned about the mention of Framework turning the expansion port spots into thunderbolt ports, i’m more concerned with security vulnerabilities, and just generally keeping things up to date.